Best Wall Led Lights for your room

Wall lights are always a product line that many home owners look to buy to be able to install & decorate their room. Changing from one type of lamp to another, or upgrading the product to a new design will help your home space be more fresh.

Wall lights are always diverse in design, light & usage. I used to be someone who spent half a month trying to find the right lamp. In my opinion, the lamp must meet the following criteria:
+ Led light: led light always brings the brightest intensity, but still saves power
+ White light: I like white light, because it makes me feel cool in the room, white also makes my mood better than other colors.
+ Modern lamp design: Modern design will make the lamp and your room exude a luxurious Decor.

Here are the lights I recommend you buy

LED Wall Sconce Modern Wall Light

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It’s 100% brand new and high quality Exquisite Decorative Atmospher Lamp Adds Warm & Romantic Mood To Your Room High brightness led, low power consumption Ideal for bedroom, kitchen, dinning room, kid’s room, etc Easy-to-install wall lamp


+ Size: 11.8 x 4.7 x 1.5 inch. 

+ Wall/Surface mounted

+ Soft and warm LED lighting tones

LIGHTESS Modern Wall Lamp

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It’s a rellay design, and it’s a good option for your bedroom, livingroom. The product has been made of high quality pure aluminium lamp holder and acrylic light shell, and it’s suitable for all room decor.  You can adjust its light level with adjustable brightness by the switch to meet the different lighting needs, could be used for hall, walkway, hallway, living room, bedroom, bathroom, hotel, corridor, stairs, path, etc.

Lightess Dimmable Wall Sconce Indoor Black Wall Light

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If you are wondering to find yourself a model of indoor wall light, then surely the Indoor Wall Light is a great suggestion for you.

Wall Sconce Indoor Black Wall Light with a modern, low-cost design is definitely a great suggestion for new-style homes. The lamp has two colors for you to consider choosing: black and white. Both of these colors can match any space you choose.

EGLO 20131A Troy Wall Sconce

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More option for you with this light, it’s a wonderful design that bring you with the best feeling. The minimalist style features smooth, frosted glass complete with two matte nickel finishing screws for a designer touch. It’s suitable for all room in your house, or pathway to the lobby.





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