Top Steam Irons & guide to choose suitable products

An iron, apart from meaning the elemental metal with a chemical symbol Fe, also refers to a handheld implement roughly triangular in shape, generally an electrical one, with a heated flat steel base combining with pressure, is used to smooth wrinkles and creases of clothes, sheets, etc. It removes wrinkles and pleats and make the fabric look polished. It also helps you keep wrinkles away for a longer extent of period. The iron used in smoothing fabric is also known as smoothing iron or clothes iron. Various forms of sources converted into heat energy are used- such as electrical energy, direct heat energy, chemical and mechanical energy as well. There is a plate, generally made of iron or steel at the bottom which is heated and the used with pressure on clothes in smoothing fabrics. The plate is called sole plate.

Why you should use steam iron?

Steam iron is a newer technology in comparison to that of the age old dry iron. The steam iron takes advantage of heated steam to smooth wrinkles in a faster way. Even the toughest fabrics too are now easy to take advantage of ironing. The fabrics such as silk cannot take the advantage of steam as it may damage it. But there are dual options which allow you to go for steam ironing mode or dry ironing mode if needed. When it comes to ironing woolen fabrics, ironing is easier than never before. Steam heat changes the shape of the threads of fabric much faster than conventional dry ironing method. One good reason to go for steam iron is undoubtedly is the fact that it is effective in removing bacteria or fungus when the super-heated water in the form of steam is sprayed over garments eventually removing odors as well.

Safety Guide:

The first step to ensure safety in ironing be it with the use of a dry iron or a steam one is to ensure the availability of an ironing table near an electrical power plug. An ironing table gives you a stable platform along with the convenience in movement for the user. On the issue of safety, most modern steam irons come equipped with a good number of safety features including a retract ability of power cord, energy efficiency and auto shut off feature capable of triggering itself on various occasions needing emergency turning of the device.

There are a few more things a user is expected to follow to better ensure the safety of both the user and the fabric. It is necessary that first you check the water reservoir of the steam iron. You should fill it with needful quantity of water before turning on the switch of the power plug. You should also check if there is any mineral deposits in the reservoir, and ensure it is free from such deposits. The temperature regulator should be set in the quality of fabric you intend to go for ironing. If not sure, the garment care tag which bears most of the basic information, can be consulted.

The temperature display must be checked to see if the targeted temperature is achieved and once achieved you can go for spraying steam. Remember, in some cases a low temperature leads to water leakage in the form of warm water drops when you attempt to spray steams. It is recommended not to use water with too much impurities such as minerals as the reservoir may suffer from a frequent mineral-build up issue. It is necessary to go for descaling depending on the frequency of use or at least once in a moth if possible.

Product Reviews of Top Steam Irons:

After a thorough research with products and market survey we have been able to offer you the few of the best steam irons as follows:

1) Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage, 1-Pack, White

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The iron is greatly noted for its capability for operating at dual voltage levels (100-127V / 220-240V), dual role (being suitable for both home and away use) and zero tolerance policy on chemical freshness (no chemical required to make the fabric wrinkle free). It can contain water to a maximum amount of 1 ounce of the 1.4 ounce water tank. Within 15 seconds the water is heated and the soleplate can be set in three different temperature levels while the steam a one touch button controls the steam. The iron removes even most annoying pleats on your favorite fabrics consuming only 420 watts of power supplied through a 7.5 feet long power cord. The product includes a travel bag and a plastic measuring cup. A two year warranty is ensured by a highly efficient customer support team.

2) Rowenta 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Brown, DW5080

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The massive 1700 watt and yet energy efficient while comparing with the performance delivered this product brown in color from Rowenta, made in Germany comes with a stainless steel sole plate with a patented 400 hole design implementation for steam output is the buzz word in the market. The sophisticated high precision tip allows access to even the smallest corners and curves of your clothes. The thermostat knob is well readable and lets you control the temperature for most common type of fabrics. The product features auto steam, burst of steam in removing stubborn wrinkles, vertical steam for hanging items, self-cleaning is executed with Anti-Calc system for removing impurities while continuing seamless steaming for quite long time. The auto shut off discontinues power if left idle after 8 minutes vertical, 30 seconds if left horizontal or slanted. The 10 ounce water tank features anti dip technology preventing leakage of water.

3) Iron DECEN, Steam Iron with Non-Stick Smooth Soleplate 

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The product is a wise choice for those who want features without sacrificing safety and look. It has virtually all the major features such as a non-stick sole plate, self-cleaning system, supports vertical ironing, smart auto-off and temperature and steam control. The 1500 watt iron includes a 250 ml water tank with clear indication of the maximum amount of water it can use. Now, a novice too can show wonderful performance of ironing with the use of its non-stick, scratch resistant and ultra-smooth sole plate moving on every inch of fabric while freeing from wrinkles.

The temperature control key is ergonomically superior to many of its rivals letting you iron all types of fabrics of your choice. The product supports steam bursts, sprays mist and it can iron on both planes- horizontal or vertical. The self-cleaning feature lets you clean the calcium deposits ensuring its industry standard performance. The 8’ long power cord comes with 3600 swiveling facility giving convenience to movement of the devices to all directions while ironing. The transparent looks amazing. It includes the auto-shut off function automatically gets activated when the iron is left idle for more than 8 minutes in an upright position or after 30 seconds in a horizontal position. All this comes with ETL certification and 2-years warranty backed by friendly customer service.

4) Steamer Clothes, Aicok Steamer Iron, 15S Fast Preheat Fabric Steamer, Flat Ironing & Hand-held Steamer, 1200W Steam Iron, Portable Steamer Perfect for Home and Travel

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The fascinating thing about the product is that you spend on a steam iron but never miss your dry iron, perhaps, you had been using for years. In other words, the product allows you to go for dry ironing mode along with a low steam and a high steam ironing modes. It lets you use for both flat and vertical ironing. The 130 ml water tank is detachable and can contain water for 6-12 minutes of steam ironing depending on low or high steam setting. The 1200 watt iron takes only 15 seconds to heat up and allows operation in a 3600 angle. A two year warranty comes with a customer centric help-desk. A water cup and a support frame come free with the package.

5) Beautural 1800-Watt Steam Iron with LCD Screen

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This product is one of the most preferred steam irons loaded with features like LCD display with 9 presets, double ceramic-coated soleplate, automatic safety shutoff with motion sensors, anti-calcium self-cleaning system deserve mentioning. Ironing is now more convenient with the digital LCD display letting you see what sort of fabric you are going to iron. It covers a wide range of fabrics made of various types of materials such as wool, silk, nylon, linen cotton and plush. The double ceramic coated sole plate is so smooth that you may experience gliding the device while ironing. The automatic shutoff feature turns off the iron to save your clothes from burning. The self-cleaning mechanism lets you remove the calcium deposits for an uninterrupted performance extending to a few years. The 6.2’ power cord is efficient enough to supply necessary power to the 1800 watt iron featuring 3600 swiveling option of the power cord as well. Moreover, the product comes with a 24 months warranty with well experienced customer help desk. It also includes a water measuring cup for filling up 11.5 ounce water reservoir for the iron, instruction manual and a 90-day full refund option.

6) BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron, F67E

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The combination of dual ironing system is greatly successful in this product capable of ironing in steam mode and dry mode as well. The specially designed tip along with the aluminum made sole plate with a non-stick finish delivers a gliding experience- very smooth in movement reaching every turn of your clothes while in use. You turn on the steam mode and find that smoothing tough wrinkles gets easier than you could imagine earlier. The anti-dripping technology does not allow leakage of water while the iron is in use. With 7 temperature settings for various fabric types, you may now feel comfort to think that your clothes made of silk, rayon, wool, cotton and linen are all in safe hands. The auto shut off feature enhances the safety of your clothes and the product itself minimizing the wastage of power and thereby saving your money as well. It auto shuts off when not in use for more than 30 seconds on its side or soleplate, and after 8 minutes in vertical position. The power indicator light turns on with turning on the power supply to the iron. The pivoting cord allows a 3600 free movement resulting in saving your time and efforts.

7) Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201-FFP 1400 Watt Large Anti-Drip Non-Stick Stainless steel Soleplate Iron 

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The name of the brand is Sunbeam, acknowledged for their state of the art level of performance with reliability of product quality. It offers a host of features found quite useful throughout our research on the product. Steam blast, retractable cord, variable steam output are few of the key points to be highlighted. The steam blast releases steam at once and removes even deepest wrinkles within moments. The retractable cord lets you save time by quickly pressing a key the 8’ cord automatically retracts into integrated storage chamber of the product. The stainless steel made smooth sole plate is great to have the smoothest experience in ironing. The variable steam lever controls the amount of steam you may need depending on the type of fabrics and nature of wrinkles on the clothes. It is very efficient in resisting any incident of water leakage and you can enjoy ironing in a very sportive fashion. The 1400 watt iron is made safe for use with the sophisticated 3-Way Motion Smart technology that automatically shuts off the iron if left inactive for 30 seconds in horizontal position, when accidently tipped over on its side, and after 15 minutes of inactivity in vertical position.

8) CHI (13101) Steam Iron With Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate & Over 300 Steam Holes, Professional Grade (13101)

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At last, you find a brand that introduces one of the best irons in the world after its successful dominating experience in the hair care industry for almost more than two and a half decades. The top of the line iron is fabricated using the same titanium infused ceramic sole plate CHI’s hair styling tools, including the flagship CHI G2 Flat Iron is already noted for its performance and durability. The 300 plus steam holes release steam that can easily smooth one of the hardest types of wrinkles in the wink of an eye. Both the temperature control and steam controls are detailed enough to let you save your clothes from excess temperature for you can easily control the temperature type depending on the fabric type. With matte chrome accents, textured and sleek handle grip it looks very modern just like the material used for its high performance and extensive durability. The product also features anti drip mechanism for preventing water leakage and steam blast to remove quickly the hardest of wrinkles. The three way auto shuts off feature keep your fabric and the product as well safe if left unattended. The 1700 watt product is available with a limited 2 year warranty.

9) MARTISAN SG-5008 Steam Iron 1800 Watt with Nano-Ceramic Soleplate & Auto-Shut Off Full Function, Red

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The problem of static clinging is no more going to bother you once you start using the product powered with Nano-Ceramic sole plate that ensures equal heat distribution too. The 1800 watt iron takes least amount of time to reach targeted temperature with overheat safety protection circuit. Features such as burst of steam, mist spraying, dry or steam ironing are all convenient be it in a horizontal or a vertical surface. Anti-Calcium, Anti-Drip and Auto-Shut Off Full Function turns it into an ultra-steam iron with the delivery of maximum performance. The design is ergonomic with soft grip handle and 8.5’ power cord allowing you move efficiently faster while ironing.

10) Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer with Stainless Steel Sole Plate, Self Cleaning Function + Thermostat Dial

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The amazingly fast heating machine takes less than a minute and preparing for the next steam release after the first one is only a matter of 3 seconds. The steam along with the smooth stainless steel made sole plate the iron is sure to get you rid of even the most annoying wrinkles on your clothes. Steaming out hanging clothes is easier and faster with the vertical steaming ability of the iron. The thermostat is very precise in controlling the temperature according to the fabric type selected. The self-cleaning mechanism includes anti-calc and anti-scale functions keeping its performance uninterrupted for years. This 1500 watt steaming device has a water reservoir of 8.1 ounce, 360-degree swivel 8ft power cord and everything comes under the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.

Clients might care about iron board

Ironing is a job you need to perform or get performed by someone else in exchange of money irrespective of your likes and dislikes. The ironing board is no less important than a good quality ironing device or what is popularly known as clothes iron. A good quality iron not only need to be feature rich but also to be paired with a good quality of ironing board. It is said that in in 1892 Sarah Boone obtained United States patent rights for contributing in the improvements in the quality of the ironing sleeves and the bodies of women’s garments with the help of an improved design implementations of ironing boards.

So, the ultimate delivery of performance is sure to remain a hypothesis unless you couple your best iron with at least a good piece of ironing board. Fortunately, we have already worked on that field too and after an extensive research we now present to you few of the best ironing boards worth buying.

1. Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board with Shoulder Wing Folding, 8 Feature, with + Extra Cover

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The product is a great choice for most of the users who want to take ironing job with care and safety. The frame of the table is metal made and to add durability to it the manufacturer makes it powder-coated making it thus ready for industrial use along with domestic use. The shoulder wings are uniquely patented and retractable in nature. The board offers you option for wider ironing space with its 100% cotton made heavy duty padded board cover. There is also an out band tray featuring a handy cord holder, an easy set-up with convenience in mobility and storage. It is adjustable to six different pre-set heights with a minimum height of 27.5″ while the maximum is 36″.

2. Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest and Linen Rack, Size C, Wide – Ecru Cover

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The board belongs to category C in size with a dimension of 48’x 18’ ensuring you never fall short of space while ironing your clothes. The ironing board comes with the abilities such as standard steam iron rest to keep your iron when needed in course of ironing jobs and a linen rack to hold ironing. This adds great convenience to your task and you start enjoying it. The locking system is very easy and efficient enough to keep it folded when not in use. It has four individual adjustable heights between 30-38 inches and the feet being non-slip. The shape of the board is so designed with a pointed end that you can effortlessly go on ironing blouses, shirts and pants too. It has a cover made of 100% cotton below which long lasting foam/ felt is there to let you have a gliding experience. The 25 mm chrome painted frame is also supported with premium quality non slip caps for enhanced stability. The eye boggling 10 years guarantee is something you cannot ask dream beyond.

3. Bartnelli Pro Luxery Extra Wide ironing board 51×19”, Steam Iron Rest, Multi layered, T-Leg, European Made

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This band is famous for its unsurpassed performance with reliability for years. The anti-corrosion and not-skid feet makes the ironing board stable on your floor and does not allow movement while you go on with your job. The heavy duty frame attached with non-slip well-made caps on its feet make the platform stable- non-wobbling, non-tottering. The iron rest is great for keeping the iron with or without bulk steam station, never harming or even taking the risk of possible threats of harming yourself or clothes. The board with a dimension of 51X19 inches also features adjustability at four different heights starting from 30 inches up to the height of 38 inches. The amazing four layered cover protects in two ways- it will prevent clothes from sticking and the uneven surface or the screws and will never be able to pierce or harm your clothes. The cover consists of the four individual layers- the 100% cotton made thick one being on top followed by foam, felt and metal mesh respectively in order to optimize the quality and safety of ironing.

4. Brabantia Ironing Board with Iron Parking Zone, Size D, Extra Large – Titan Oval Cover

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Once more from the house of Brabantia the product belongs to size category D with 53’ long and 18’ wide, oval in shape is a professional level platform for letting your ironing business go like flying a kite in a beautiful sea beach. It is robust and yet light in weight in a wider adjustability range between 24’ to 40’ for all age and height groups of people be it in sitting or in standing position. Larger laundry items such as bed linens, tapestry and with its sharp edge it allows you to smooth boluses, shirts and even pants. The board is quite safe to use in your carpeted floor as you do not have to experience any wobbling or jerking when pressing the iron on the clothes against the board. It is collapse free and very safe as it safe-guards against any sort of accidental collapse. The iron rest is heat resistant and lets you remain free from anxiety every time you look for the suitable place to keep the hot iron after each session of ironing. Moreover, the 10-year guarantee makes it the safest and smartest choice.

5. Mabel Home T-Leg Adjustable Height Ironing Board with Light-Brown/White Patterned Cotton Cover, Extra Cover

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If you are wondering what ironing board you better go for purchasing, this is what you have been waiting for. The imported T-Leg ironing board is a good bargain for what you want in exchange of the money you spend without having to sacrifice the quality and performance. The T-Leg is very easy to operate when it comes to setting up, taking down or transportation and the specially designed feet give you the feeling of safety against all sorts of unwanted movement including accidental collapsing and tremors. A dimension of 53” in length with 13.7’’ width is great for everyday ironing tasks. The board cover is made of pure cotton and meant for withstanding heat and frictions expected in the business of ironing. The four preset heights with adjustable according to the user’s preferences make it suitable to be used even by teenagers as well as their parents when the minimum height is 30” and the maximum being 35”. The great news is that there is one extra cover included for your board.


The above discussion must have been very informative in order to have a good grasp on the basics you better check out before making a decision what iron to buy and why. The board too should be of equal standard and must be checked out following out guidelines. We have also added a few of the best products in both the categories- the steam irons and the ironing boards. Following our instructions will make your choice wise and giving the best value for your money in terms of money spent and quality of performance received. We wait for your fresh feedbacks after you purchase one of them and use for a good length of time.

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