10 simple ways to ensure the security of your home

Many people realize that ensuring a secure home will be much more difficult than decorating and remodeling in general. According to the latest statistics from the crime research organization, it only takes 25.7 seconds for thieves to break the lock and break into your home. To help you ensure the safety of your home, the following article will show 10 ways to help ensure the security of your home.

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Here are 10 easy ways to protect your home

  • Enhance security for your door system
  • Door-specific lock
  • Outdoor & Garden Lights
  • Pay attention to security for the garage
  • Set up a security system
  • Lock your Wi-Fi network
  • Ensure security for sensitive locations that thieves or hides
  • Install more security cameras
  • Buy a safe for storing money
  • Using a Home Automation device

Here are simple ways to ensure your home’s security

1.Enhance security for your door system

Don’t let thieves break in through your front door (statistically 34% of burglars break in through the front door!). Check all of your exterior doors to make sure the frames are strong, the hinges are secured, and need to make sure if your door has a slot letter — someone can’t reach through it to unlock the door.

If you’re moving into a place someone else once called home, change the door lock. That way, you won’t have strangers bring your keys into your home, and you can be sure your locks are the best on the market.

Sliding glass door reinforcement

Intruders love sliding doors, so make sure your sliding doors are protected. You can go to old school and use a window bar or latch on the rail to keep the door from being forced open. If you want a high-tech solution, add a door sensor or a broken glass sensor. These will warn you if the glass is tampered with — and will deter thieves.

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2. Lock the windows carefully

Doors and windows are the most common entrances for thieves. Unfortunately, your home’s door latches aren’t always effective against burglars—and sometimes they’re very weak, or within reach of thieves. So you increase your security with anti-theft locks.

You should also note:

  • Window reinforcement with hard film
  • Install a broken glass or window sensor.
  • Add window bar.
  • Plant thorn bushes under first floor windows

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3. Install Outdoor & Garden Lights

Vandals, thieves and other criminals like to hide in the dark. So you need to install lights around your front and back yards, along walkways and near garages and other outdoor structures. Not only will you make intruders on your guard, but you’ll also reduce the risk of tripping over your way up the front steps of your home.

The advice is to use lamps with the following features:

  • Use motion-activated lights.
  • Save energy with solar powered lights.
  • Set outdoor lights according to timer mode.

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4. Pay attention to security for the garage

This is the ideal location more popular with criminals. The garage is also the place where you most likely have a lot of valuables stored that criminals target. Get in the habit of locking all the doors to your garage — both the interior and the exterior.

And if you use a security code to open the garage, make sure you keep it a secret and never enter it in front of your delivery man, neighbours, or anyone else.
Here are some easier ways to secure the garage.

  • Upgrade to a smart garage door opener.
  • Cover the window so you can’t see what’s inside
  • Use smart home automation
  • Don’t forget to leave the door open

5. Set up a home security system

Your new home should have some form of separate security system, be it a basic system or a system that comes with professional monitoring and home automation systems. Today, there are many home security options for every budget and level of protection.

To choose a system you are satisfied with, evaluate which security system your home is suitable for so that you can make the best use of the solution.

6. Security for your home Wifi system

Your home wifi network is a gateway to your personal and financial information. And if you use home automation, it can also make your home vulnerable to break-ins. If your Wi-Fi network is connected to your smart home appliances or security system, it could give criminals direct access to your home.

But you don’t have to leave yourself vulnerable. Use our tips and tricks to prevent hackers from breaking into your home network.

  • Protect your wireless router.
  • Enable WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 encryption.
  • Rename and hide your home network.
  • Use a firewall.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware protection.
  • Create strong passwords.

7. Ensure security for sensitive locations that thieves or hides

Trees and bushes may have decorative purposes in your home, but they also provide thieves with a convenient hiding place. Prune trees near your house, clearing bushes. If you have plants near windows, clear them or reinforce those windows with extra security.

You should also note the following points:

Always store stairs after use.
Lock gates, warehouses and other buildings
Do not place expensive goods on display in the yard.

8. Install more security cameras

You’ve probably seen cases where thieves were caught with security camera footage. This is a home security solution that acts both as a deterrent and as a means of seeking justice or as a basis for a police investigation later. You can install security cameras as part of your home security system with the utmost reliability.

Whichever way you go, we recommend using a security camera with a mobile app, so you can view the footage in real time and store it if you ever need to go to the police.

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Check out these other must-have features for your Camera system:

Motion detection
Infrared type can see all night
Built-in Wi-Fi
Local or cloud storage
Durable Camera for outdoor weather effects

9. Buy a safe for your house

Indoor safes provide safe storage for everything from jewelry to important documents like passports. You want a safe that’s fireproof, waterproof, and heavy enough that thieves can’t get away.

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Follow these suggestions to get the best protection from your safe:

  • Look for safes with backup locks (i.e. two locks on one safe).
  • Choose the right type of safe specifically for the valuables you want to protect.
  • Decide if you want a portable safe or a permanent safe located in your home.

10. Use a Home Automation device

If you want to turn your ordinary home into a smart home, security is a compelling reason to follow. Home automation can allow you to remotely (or on schedule) control your lights, door locks, security cameras, smoke alarms, and other safety devices. You can receive real-time alerts of suspicious activity, so you can react quickly and stop potential thieves.

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