The Tips to choosing wall paintings for the living room

Wall paintings are now used by many families to create a harmonious, luxurious and beautiful space for the living room. However, what should be paid attention to when choosing wall paintings to be able to choose beautiful, cheap and durable paintings over time?

The tips to choose wall paintings

1. Choose the right size picture

The size of the picture will be affected by the size of the living room. If your living room space is large, then you can absolutely choose large-sized wall paintings. If the living room space is small, then you should absolutely consider the size of the picture.

There is a small tip when choosing the size of the living room wall paintings, which is based on the size of the table and chairs. The length of the picture will be 2/3 of the size of the table and chairs, the width of the picture will be 1/3 of the height of the wall. The specific size of the selected painting will be calculated based on the overall area of ​​the living room, the size of the table and chairs along with the surrounding interior layout.

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2. Choose paintings with harmonious colors

The harmony of colors shown in the whole. From wall paint colors, furniture colors, decorative paintings, there should be similarities between details and components. When choosing wall paintings for the living room, you absolutely cannot arbitrarily choose a beautiful picture with a separate color. The picture will be beautiful when it stands alone, but if it is in a specific space, then it needs to be consistent so that the overall space of the living room looks more impressive and attractive.

Tips for choosing a picture that is in harmony with color, should pay attention to the color of the sofa and the color of the wall. The close association of color levels, will create grace, uniformity and general harmony. Make a strong impression on your guests.

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3. Place to hang pictures

The best place to hang pictures in the living room is on the chair or on the TV. This is considered the central position, creating a highlight for the modern living room space. This main space is beautified by elegant, gentle and delicate paintings.

4. Pay attention to the topic of pictures

The line of modern wall murals has many themes, with many different contents. Depending on the aesthetic taste of each family, along with the amount of investment, choose paintings with different themes. From landscape paintings, charming watercolor paintings, feng shui paintings, flower paintings, set paintings, clock paintings, etc. You just need to determine which type of painting you like, what color to choose for science.

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5. Material Selection

Wall paintings in addition to focusing on size, color and theme, the material is a factor worth paying attention to to own a beautiful painting model. The material will determine the expensiveness, aesthetics and neatness of the painting. With a wide range of materials such as oil paintings, embroidery paintings, 3d paintings, canvas paintings, stone paintings, wooden paintings, homeowners can freely choose their favorite line of paintings.

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6. Pay attention to the light

To bring emphasis and highlight the beauty of the picture, using spotlights directly on the picture is currently used by many investors. Or you can choose all locations with lots of natural light, so that the lines of the picture can adorn and show their aesthetic effects.

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