Smart lighting solutions for your home

You want your home to become more comfortable, modern and luxurious with smart LED lighting system? Or you want your LEDs to be able to understand your commands? Or your lighting systems are not just the simplest, most energy-efficient & easiest solution to smart lighting your home.

The following are the conveniences that smart LED solutions bring to you:

+ Easy to install: The product is designed to be easily installed for both newly built or renovated homes. You don’t have to go through the power lines in your house. All it takes is to replace switches and sockets with smart devices and install the SmartHome application and you can fully use it.
+ Reasonable cost: With Smart lightning, you don’t have to be very rich to be able to smartly light your home. All at your fingertips with extremely reasonable equipment investment and installation costs.
+ Luxury, Class: Rang Dong’s smart devices are exquisitely designed to the smallest detail, elegant colors, simple but extremely luxurious designs.
+ Safe and economical: With Smart Lighting lighting system, you have complete control over the entire electrical equipment system in your home anywhere, anytime. This ensures both electrical safety and energy saving for your home’s lighting system.
+ Smart connection technology:  Smart lighning gives you a great experience to perform daily tasks such as: turning on and off light bulbs, opening and closing curtains, changing fan speeds, opening and closing roller doors , change the light brightness…with just one touch of a button on Smartphone, tablet. It’s all at your fingertips

Best LED Smart lights reviews on the market

1)Philips Hue

Philips Hue is the best choice compared to other smart lights, what makes Philips stand out from the competition is that you can control the bulbs through Google Home and Amazon Echo or control them directly. from your phone using Philips Hue-compatible apps.

Besides, you can also turn the lights on or off at the same time and increase or decrease the light by a specific percentage, you can even use the virtual assistant to double check all the lights if you forget to turn them off. . But for this bulb you need Hub (common connection point for network devices) to use. The downside of Philips Hue bulbs is that they are expensive and require a bridge.

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2) Lifx Smart Bulbs

Lifx Smart Bulbs are similar to Philips Hue bulbs, you can also turn them on or off at the same time, increase and decrease the light, control the bulbs through Google Home and Amazon Echo, but with Lifx Smart Bulbs you don’t need a Hub. .

The most special thing about this bulb is that you can change the color of the light and the infrared capability, bringing light at night for indoor and outdoor security cameras. Besides, Lifx Smart Bulbs also has the disadvantage that is its high price.

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3)Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

Sengled Smart WiFi LED bulbs are the next choice if your budget is tight, this bulb is like most led bulbs, but the improvement is that the bulb can connect to wifi to control.

Sengled Smart WiFi LED bulbs are only used in indoor spaces, cannot be used outdoors or in wet places such as in the toilet. Since this is a light bulb that uses wifi, there is no need for a Hub.

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4)Eufy smart light bulbs

Eufy smart light bulbs are the most affordable bulbs among the top 5 smart bulbs. However, the white Eufy is not much cheaper than Philips Hue, but the yellow Eufy has the lowest price compared to the above competitors. This bulb connects directly to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, and you can control the light with the EufyHome app or with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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5)SYLVANIA Wifi Smart Light Bulb

Simply connect the SYLVANIA SMART+ A19 bulb to the Hub and you’re ready for a completely different lighting experience. Unlimited customization of your room with more than 16 million colors, suitable for every user’s need.

You can control the light from anywhere and at any time with the app on your phone/tablet, including turning it on/off, adjusting the color, brightness, and even setting the lighting schedule automatically according to your needs. living habits. You will never have to go home with the lights on.

The bulb can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (needs central control hub)

In particular, the SYLVANIA SMART+ A19 smart LED bulb is 84% more energy-efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs and has a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours.

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