Feng Shui Secrecy for bedroom to have good Sleep, good Health, and Mind

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The ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui creates a good environment and brings happiness around us. The method helps us to balance our home leading us to live a successful life. The most important room of our home is our bedroom to which we provide a great importance. Having the proper Feng Shui in your bedroom can bring you good luck, can boost your romantic and professional life and can make you climb the peak of good health. The main thing about Feng Shui is it makes your chi flow in a good direction which is a way of living a good life.

feng shui bedroom
1. Choose the place of your bedroom:
Choose a home where the bedroom is close to the backyard or the opposite end of the street. The main reason behind this is the bedroom at the back end of the house happens to be quieter than the other rooms. Your sleep cycle would not be disrupted from the sound or movement that roams around. You would enjoy the higher level of privacy. Try not to place the bedroom over the garage. Sound can disrupt your sleep.
2. Choose the bedroom layout:
The most important thing about Feng Shui is that it creates a perfect balance for your chi to flow in a right direction. To do that, get rid of all the clutter and all the work related things like files, the office bag etc. If your bedroom is full of dust, it results in things as illness and disharmony around the house. Clutter produces the biggest negative energy in the bedroom. So, even if you are not a big cleanliness freak, try to make your bedroom clutter free.

3. Place the bed in the right position:
The Feng Shui has many rules about placing the furniture into the bedroom in a right manner. These rules should be followed by any homeowners. If the size or configuration of your bedroom prevents the Feng Shui guidelines, there are many preventive methods or remedies.
The largest piece of furniture in a room is the bed and it is one particularly important piece of furniture which can make your health better or can jeopardize it.
Place the bed diagonally across the door. This position gives you privacy and you can see anyone entering the room. Placing the bed directly across the door is also bad as it makes you sleep at the coffin position which is foretold as the position of death. Always remember, your feet should not point towards the door. Do not place the bed underneath or in front of a window since your chi enters and leaves through the window and can disrupt your sleep, causing restlessness. Never put the bed with the wall attached to the bathroom.

4. Ways to place other furniture:
When you want to furnish your bedroom keep some rules in your mind as the bedroom is the only Yin place at your home. These rules advertise placement of furniture which does not block the natural pathways and doorways. Never put an armoire or a dresser such a way that the pointed edges are angled to the bed. If this is not possible in your bedroom, suspend a multifaceted crystal ball from the ceiling which is in between the bed and the pointed furniture edge. Another remedy is to soften the corner edges a little.
5. Placement of mirrors:
A mirror is another vital part of the bedroom but you have to place it with great care. For example, always try not to place the mirror directly across the bed. If the bed reflects in the mirror, you are inviting a third party into your marriage and relationship which results in infidelity. Some Feng Shui experts believe that the mirror can startle the soul when it leaves our body at night as we dream. If your armoire has an inbuilt mirror with it and if it is reflecting your bed, you need to cover the mirrors.
6. Placement of desks and electronics:
The key to keeping your mind calm is keeping your personal life and professional life separate. To do that getting rid of all work related things from your bedroom is necessary. So, do not place a desk in your bedroom. To keep good health and peace of mind, keep your work separate from the area where you rest.
Many Feng Shui experts suggest that the electronic equipments are not good for the bedroom environment as it disrupts your Chi. These equipment flows current to the room which in turn disrupts your sleep. The electronic equipment also involves the television.
Televisions are laptops are the most necessary equipment in our modern lives that we can’t live without. It also brings the evil inside your bedroom. If you have less space in your apartment, put the TV in the armoire or a cabinet so that you can close it after you’re done watching it for the night. After working with your laptop, please put it in the armoire or a drawer before sleeping. Moreover, keep the TV and the laptop out of your site while you sleep.
7. Placing of hanging furniture:
Sometimes we love to decorate our bedroom with many beautiful and out of the place thing such as a chandelier. But putting it just above your bed is a big no-no, as it provides discomfort while you sleep. You may not feel safe with a chandelier hanging above your head while you sleep. Try to remove it and place it above your dining table, where people do not sleep right underneath it.
8. The walls:
Many Feng Shui experts would suggest you the Feng Shui compass to choose the color of the walls. Choose restful colors for your bedroom which can sooth your eyes whenever you enter the bedroom. Many Feng Shui experts prefer Yellow and Blue for the bedroom color.
Whatever you put in your bedroom has acute effect in your life as it can make the flow of your Chi better so that you would have a happy mind, healthier body, and deepest sleep; or it can disrupt your Chi. So keep the natural flowing pathway of your Chi clutter-free and it may make your life beautiful.

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