Natural ways to get rid of house mice

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Our main duty as parents is to protect our family at all costs. This includes providing them the support and love they need every day. Enough is not enough. For the sake of their health, we need to reach far lengths just to secure their needs.

One of the worst problems we encounter that could compromise their health is household pests particularly house mice. These creatures are the worst creatures to deal with. Apart from the fact that they cause damage to our homes, they also bring illnesses such as Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Leprosy, and Bubonic Plague.

Did you know that house mice are responsible for millions of house damage every year? Not to mention they cause 25% of US house fires? If you want to protect your family from these pests, you need to find natural methods for pest control.

Why not use Pesticides?

Many people ask why we should not use pesticides in the household. Did you know that pesticides are responsible for several illnesses including food poisoning, cancer, and organ failure? According to scientists, pesticides in households could also cause autism to children. To reduce this risk, we should steer clear of the use of these harmful substances. Hence, the need to look for natural means of pest control.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach that resorts to pesticides as the last option. Pest control companies that apply IPM uses natural methods such as using barriers, traps, essential oils, and other non-toxic materials for pest control. The only time they use pesticides is when they are faced with extreme infestations that DIY procedures cannot fix.

Experts have been advocating IPM for so long, hence, the promotion of basic yet effective means of pest control. Studies show that using IPM has reduced the risk of pesticide-induced illnesses in households. To protect our family, we should do the same. Here are the natural ways to eliminate mice from our home environment.

Natural ways of Mice extermination 

Remove Food Source 

This is the most basic approach to get rid of mice. The crumbs that we leave when we eat act as their welcome sign. The worst part is, it also attracts other insects such as roaches and ants. If you don’t want to deal with any pest, apply effective housekeeping and clean as you go.

Seal their entrance

mouse -house

Mice are typically outdoor pests. However, there are instances when they need to find shelter. By the time winter comes, they would have found a place where they can outlive the cold weather. One of their best hideouts is our house. Not only does this offer enough moisture and food, but it also has the shelter they need. All mice need to do is find an entrance. Then, they can easily find a spot they can hide throughout the winter.

This is the reason why experts recommend conducting a monthly checkup of your house’ perimeter. Look for any crack and crevice and seal these immediately. Also, look for broken shingles and overlapping branches. All of these provide access to mice and other pests.

Use essential oils

Scientists have proven that peppermint oil can easily deter mice. As much as we love its smell, it serves as an irritant to mice. To use it, simply soak cotton balls with the oil and place it in places that you suspect has the highest rodent activity. You can easily spot these areas based on the concentration of their feces.

Use cayenne pepper and cloves

This is another method found to repel mice at home. You can make cheesecloth sachets from these ingredients and leave them in areas where mice can hide. It can be in empty compartments, empty boxes, and other dark, unused, and secluded areas.

Get a cat 

One of the approaches to integrated pest management is using natural predators. If your target is a group of mice, the best option is to get a cat or a dog with a drive to catch mice. Let’s face it, some dogs can be as agile as cats in catching pests. Not only will you have a pet and a cuddle buddy, but you’ll also have a natural pest repellent.

Rat glue boards 

Despite the name, it is not limited to catching rats. Actually, it works better in catching mice. Did you know that mice are less cautious than rats? This is why they can easily get caught on traps such as glue boards. Depending on the severity of the mice infestation, you will need to invest in more than one board.

Place the glue boards in dark areas where mice usually pass by. Put some food in the middle as an attractant. Check it from time to time and don’t let your pets and children get a hold of it. If the glue board cannot take any more mouse, you can dispose of it immediately.

Do you see? There are many ways to eliminate mice naturally. These are only a few of the easiest and most effective strategies. The secret to eliminating pests is to make yourself an unattractive fortress. Apply these methods regularly and you can eliminate mice in no time. Try it and see how safe it is to use. Start now and have the pest-free house you deserve in no time.

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