Landscaping your Garden & Outside with Palm Tree or Coco Nut Tree

It is a common practice to leave some space for plantation in house-surrounds. It is also suggested that plantation may be done in garden-areas the suggestion says that landscaping with taller trees like pine, coconut or palm will keep the house free from unwanted distress. It will generate enough aeration for the house, leaving the house cool and hygienic. It is also argued that taller trees with strong roots like palm, coconut will keep the house safe from strong winds and other natural calamities.

house with palm tree decoration
Benefits of Palm Trees / Coco Nut Tree:
1. The foremost and most probably the greatest benefit of growing palm trees in the adjacent of houses is that they make for an instant landscape. Few specimens at mere 1-2 meter high can transform bare dirt into a seductive oasis.
2. Palms do not require regular watering nor hey need copious amount of nutrition and stand erect with bare minimum amount of fuss. Thus, maintenance cost is almost nil.
3. These trees are very less susceptible to pest attack and Bunning are available on a large scale. Therefore, adding plants and replacements are too easy.
4. Roses are light feeders while palms are lite feeders. The palms source their nutrition from the most unassuming places and thrive on a minimal content.
5. The palm trees are fairly high in shapes. Though they can’t individually cast shade, yet they rows of palm tree hold back the mystic sun-rays and keeps the atmosphere cool.
6. With the presence of these trees, the harmful UV rays can’t be able to reach the vicinity of houses as they are being absorbed to the greatest quantity.
7. These trees provide resistance against storms. The root system holds it firmly on situ and they are seen to bend and sway against strong winds. Rare case is when a palm tree is ousted in storm.

outside decoration tree


How planting palm can be helpful for houses
1. Aeration: The most distinctive remuneration that we get by planting a palm is that it can generate huge amount of oxygen in the vicinity. Thus, the atmosphere becomes cool and hygienic.
2. Resisting UV rays: The trees are highly repulsive to the harmful UV rays. These rays can’t penetrate in the zone where trees exist. Thus, the genre of home is free from greenhouse effects.
3. All-season survival: Many of the palm trees are tropical and sub-tropical. But there are varieties that are seen to sustain even cold climates and in high altitudes. Thus, the house will continue to enjoy the benefits of this tree.
4. Grow in all soils: Palms are seen to grow in almost all soils. Though the preference is sandy soils, these trees have known to grow in clay with elan. Thus, the benefits sustained by these trees can be had off in every household.
5. Money-earner: Matured palms are valued piece of property. Depending on the type of palm, many can be transplanted quite successfully and some are always in high demand by home-owners, landscapers and sometimes even botanical gardens.

Outside Decoration Tree

Surprising things about Palm trees:
1. The palm trees have varied genre. There are almost 2500 species of palm trees.
2. Palm trees have two different types of leaves: palmate and pinnate.
3. Palmate leaves grow in a bunch at the end of stem,
4. Pinnate leaves grow all along the either side of a stem like feathers.
5. The Easter Sunday has been named after Palm; it is also known as Palm Sunday.
6. Palm has a lot of food variety; Coconut is the most evidential one, while the others are date, betel nuts and acai fruit.
7. The tallest Palm Tree can be about 197 feet tall.
8. The coco de mer palm tree has the largest seed that is 20 inches in diameter and weighs 66 lbs.
9. “Kallu” is a wine made from palm. It is drunk in some regions of Asia and Africa. This is created from coconut palms, date plums, Chilean wine palm and likewise species.

Therefore, it is seen that plantation of palm trees are filled with consequences. There are a lot of varieties of this tree that are grown in different parts of the world. Each of the variety is equipped with its own set of properties that serve to the benefits of mankind. Areas of dwelling are greatly benefited from the presence of these vegetation in the surrounding of a household.

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