Solar Power Energy System – New Trend for Renewable Home Source of Energy

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In the simplest way, the solar power can be defined as the energy provided by the Sun. The definition might sound simple, but it really has a huge area of productivity and functionality. This renewable energy is in the form of solar radiation, which enables the production of solar electricity. The upfront cost for the installation of the solar panels should be met for the successful operation, but after the installation minimum maintenance is required. The solar panels, which are installed to capture the solar radiations, convert the radiant energy of the Sun into either heat or electricity and are expected to last for 20 years or more.

The Aspects of the Solar Cells which Enables it to Use it as a Source of Power
Solar panels or modules are embedded with photovoltaic cells, made up of silicon. Photovoltaic, literally it means light and electricity. The photovoltaic cells have a positive and a negative silicon film, which is placed beneath a thin sheet of glass. The moment the sunlight hit the cells, the electrons are shoved off the silicon film. As a result, the negatively charged free electrons get attracted to the other side of the silicon sheet, creating an electric voltage that can be collected and channelized. Electricity can be produced from these Photovoltaic or PV cells. These panels are made up of material which exhibits the photovoltaic effect. The moment the sun rays hit the solar panels, the photons of light energizes the electrons present in the cell causing them to flow, which leads to the production of electricity.
Application of Solar Energy for Domestic Purpose
The electricity produced is grouped by wiring the individual solar panels in series in order to form a solar photovoltaic array. A fused array combiner, which is an electrical box, is installed to combine the multiple strings of the solar photovoltaic array cables. The electricity produced in this procedure is in the form of DC or Direct Current and should definitely be converted to AC or Alternating Current, which is suitable for the domestic consumption.


The Installation of the Solar Panels
Before the selection of the contractor who installs the solar panel, it is important to take care of the size and site in order to obtain maximum output. Most of the solar panels are installed on the roofs to get the maximum output.

how to install solar powered system

It is ideal not to have any shade in the vicinity of the panels, which restricts the solar panel from receiving the maximum sunlight. The prime time of receiving sunlight is from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. During this time, south facing installation of the system produces the best results. Apart from these factors, there are a few points to consider before installing the solar panel. They are:
• Availability of sunlight at the site.
• The size of the unit, which will meet the electricity needs.
• Compatibility of the size of the installed system with the site.
• Assurance of safety after the installation.
• Properly licensed personnel for the installation assure the safety and compatibility.
Innovative Techniques take the best out of the Procedure
The lithium-ion battery system for home is the recent discovery in the field of generation of electricity from solar radiation. This enables to get more out of the solar power system.

They are able to store excess energy and this energy can be utilized during the time when the solar energy is not available, i.e. at night. It reduces the dependability on the electricity produced from non-renewable sources. In the procedure of converting the sunlight into electricity using the PV system produces no greenhouse gas. And moreover, any excess electricity which is not consumed can be stored into the battery storage system, confirming no wastage of the electricity.
New Trends of Solar Energy to Watch Out for
2017 has brought some exciting news for the solar power usage. They can be summarized as:
• China has taken initiative in making the solar energy policies
• Donald Trump to welcome solar power with open arms
• Solar power to support the local economies
• Steep hike of the solar power is expected in the market
• Solar power price to become competitive
• Solar financing options to open various avenues for ownership over the lease
Benefits of the Most Cost-Effective Source of Electricity
The solar power is the fastest growing source of electricity. It has numerous advantages, due to which it is being accepted worldwide. With the growing need of air conditioners and other heavy electricity consuming goods, solar electricity has established a prominent place in the market.

happy solar power system for home
Happy for Home solar power system

It has huge benefits, which helps in many aspects of our life. Let’s check the benefits of the solar energy, which helps us in many ways:
• Reduced Dependability on the Non-Renewable Source of Energy: – The fossil fuel is depleting day-by-day, which is making the source of electricity costly and scarce. The sunlight is available in abundance and can be accessed by anyone without any restriction. This budget-friendly and reliable source of electricity has reduced the dominant pressure on the non-renewable source of energy.
• Environment-friendly: – The solar cells generate electricity with no negative impact on the environment.
• Meeting the Demand & Supply: – The demand for the solar electricity can easily be meet up by the huge availability of the sunlight. During summers, the electricity demand is at peak, which can easily be accomplished by this means of electricity.
• Flexible Installation: – The solar cells can be installed anywhere and doesn’t need to follow any strict rules. This result in the reduction of the cost required to establish an infrastructure for the setup.

Establishing the importance of the renewable energy is an essential duty of every individual as well as the government. Education regarding the long-run benefits needs to be realized before it’s too late to save the depleting non-renewable source of energy, which also affects the environment in a very harsh way.
So, let’s embrace the sunlight with open arms and solar cells, which will light up our lives along with the future.

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