Review Amazon Echo 4th Generation: New design & Better Sound

Amazon is always proud to be a supplier of quality speakers at affordable prices. Since 2014, Amazon has always been loyal to long or low cylindrical designs. In 2020 is a new breakthrough in the designs of the latest Echo series. Along with some small improvements in speaker quality for users of the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant.

Newly design you can find from Amazon Echo Gen 4

Amazon Echo speakers have been always attracted by USA users because of their high product perfection & durability. In comparrison with other products on the market, it could be said that the Echo Dot is the most variations in design. From the initial version, gradually increase the speaker surface area for a better speaker experience. And now, Echo Dot 4 with a completely new design. Designed like a bottom-cutting ball, Echo Dot 4 has surprised many users.


Overall, the Echo Dot’s still been equipped with a mesh speaker (manufactured from recycled plastic). This speaker ring does not cover the entire device, but is designed to be beveled at the bottom. The bottom leg will be a signal light of the speaker. If the user uses the Echo Dot with Clock version, the clock will appear right on the speaker face

speaker mesh

Look closer to the device, still 4 buttons: increase, decrease volume; Quick mic off and reset button located on top of speaker. Behind the speaker is the power port, along with a 3.5mm aux jack – creating output for other speaker devices.

Review to buy

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (gen 4) is the latest smart speaker, upgraded sound quality, better design, built-in LED time display.

Buy from

+ Completely new design – suitable for any space in the house
+ Support LED lights on the speaker body to display digital clock
+ Owning a 1.6-inch speaker, enjoy stereo sound when pairing 2 Echo speakers together
+ Use Alexa to play music, control smart home, make calls, send messages, read news, check weather…
+ Connect to speakers or headphones via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack for louder and better sound
+ Supports a variety of services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify …
+ Control lights, fans, TVs, switches, air conditioners… compatible with WeMo, Philips Hue, Logitech Harmony, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, ecobee devices….

How is Echo Dot 4 different from Dot 3?

If compared with its predecessor, Echo Dot 4 retains the same diameter size. However, the vertical design is quite tall – almost twice that of the Echo Dot 3. It is in this unusual and rather tall round design that the Echo Dot 4 will not be suitable for use on a shelf and hanging on the wall. This is a pity of this new design.

The LED light on the bottom of the Echo Dot 4 is also quite bright. And can even replace the night light / night light in the house.

The core of the device has been upgraded by Amazon with the AZ1 Neural Edge silicon chip – in cooperation with MediaTek to help speed up software processing. Comparing the speaker quality, Echo Dot 4 will have better speaker quality than the old version, but the difference is not much. The rounded speaker design helps to make the sound more resonant, farther. Speaker loudness is also considered by many users to be louder. However, the Echo Dot 4 version does not have much improvement in the Bass of the device.

One point worth noting with the latest version of Echo Dot 4, the Stereo Pairing feature is disabled. Users can only group and play music at the same time with Echo / Echo Dot 4 speakers together. But Alexa does not support simultaneous playback of different devices. This is a huge limitation that many users find inconvenient with the new version.

Should or should not buy Echo Dot 4?

The latest Echo dot 4 smart speaker will still ensure all the features of a smart speaker. From good speaker quality, fancy design, easy to use, … Especially with Alexa virtual assistant and Amazon Alexa ecosystem, smart home functions will still be expanded in the future.

If you want to start with a smart home system. Or simply a “true fan” of Echo Dot. Then equip Echo Dot 4 will be quite suitable for you.

If you desire a better speaker device. Then consider the Echo 4 or Echo Studio version. With good speaker quality, stronger bass will be more suitable for high entertainment needs.

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