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The need to decorate a beautiful garden space is a popular trend today. The selection of garden decorative statues not only helps bring artistic beauty. At the same time, the modernity and high aesthetics will make your garden more attractive. FortunerHome would like to invite readers to refer to the information about statues used to decorate the garden in the article below.

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6 popular  Types of garden decoration statues

Most of the decorative statues are images, angel statues, Buddha statues … You can choose from many different materials depending on the location and purpose of the homeowner.

Wooden garden statue

Wooden statues are considered an indispensable element in feng shui. Wood, also known as Wood, is the element of heaven and earth. For lovers of handicrafts. Wooden statues are one of the precious garden decorations. The wooden statues that adorn the garden evoke ancient beauty and nostalgia. According to feng shui researchers, valuable wooden statues should carry the quintessence of Eastern thought and follow the law of yin and yang and the five elements of feng shui. Especially those who use wooden statues to decorate, pay attention to its color. Because this is considered an important part of creating the religious value of each family member.

wooden statue

Stone garden statue

Everyone knows stone art is popular, widely applied in garden decoration. There are many products of young stone statues that are sculpted and crafted meticulously. The materials are exploited from natural stone to bring satisfaction to customers. Typical such as Stone Fountain, Stone Tower, Artistic Girl. Stone Aboriginal statue…

These products are designed to make the garden more delicate and beautiful. Natural materials are the mainstay of this stone statue, bringing closeness and intimacy. It also brings a comfortable space full of relaxation into your garden. In addition, stone carving is a type of handicraft with high artistic value. Both are convenient for the overall harmonious combination of outdoor spaces, including garden space).

stone garden statue

Concrete garden statue

Concrete is widely used for casting sculptures. Because it’s easy to shape and embellish the sculpture on top. Special features of concrete sculptures. That they are usually very durable and hardy, resistant to weather conditions. So they are often chosen to be placed in the garden.

Metal garden statue

The current trend is towards metal statues in the garden with soft and modern lines. Metal garden statues aim for simplicity with delicate patterns. Owning a metal statue in the garden will help your garden space become more prominent and impressive than ever.

Metal garden statue

Composite garden statue

Composite plastic is a new material chosen by many people to make decorations and statues. The advantage of this material is that it is sturdy, easy to color and easy to mold. However, composite materials proved to be far superior. When the processing quality of composite is not inferior to iron and metal. In addition, statues made of composite are resistant to stains and less prone to oxidation.


Bronze garden statue

According to feng shui, an ideal garden should have all the following elements. Colors, materials, shapes according to the five feng shui directions. Iconic decorations such as: ponds (water), trees (carpentry), bronze statues (needle). Therefore, bronze statues are important and essential items chosen by many people to decorate their garden. If you want to design a simple beautiful garden. Then you cannot ignore the sophisticated and modern beauty of bronze statues.

bronze statue

The most beautiful and impressive garden decoration statues in 2021

Garden statues are often placed in combination between gates, garden paths or different miniatures. As decorative statues in koi ponds, rockeries, fountains and waterfalls. Below, readers, admire the models of statues to decorate the beautiful and unforgettable garden.

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