Best Floor Lamps Reviews For your Livingroom & Bedroom

Do you like to decorate your room in your way? If yes, then you may want to add a few lightings that may change the décor of your foyer, bedroom, or office. How about investing in the best floor lamp for your room?
Just imagine how a simple floor lamp can change the look of your drawing room. A simple placement in the right way and correct lighting can do wonders for a room. Ever thought of that? If not then we urge you to give it a serious reflection.

By the way, we have a list of the top-notch floor lamps in this post that can lighten up your evenings!

How To Choose A Floor Lamp For Room?

You may want to introduce a floor lamp to make an area positive or purely for fun. It is your choice, and so the lighting. You get to select from the accent, ambient, and direct. You can utilize them for reading, lighting, or just adding a statement. You can consider the following points to buy a floor lamp.
• Price
You may get bewildered for having to decide from aesthetically pleasing lamps to minimalist ones. Yes, you get a lot of choices and all you have to take into regard is that of keeping it practical. You don’t have to have to break a bank to get a fantastic floor lamp. A plain one can also adorn your room the same way, an expensive one would. Only it will cost you a lot, which is why we ask you to assume a number and then stick to it.
• Elevation
True is the fact that the longer the lamp, the wider the emission. However, you must also understand that it does not make your furniture look dwarfish. Yes, you must take everything into consideration and then decide on it. In this case, think about the average height of your furniture and rooms.
• Size
Study about the space you are willing to allow for a floor lamp. Most of them are sleek and do not take up a lot of your real estate, but torchiere shaped lamps take up a bit of vertical space. That decided; you are now good to go for hunting for a Floor lamp for room.

Review Of The Best Floor Lamp For Room

As promised we bring you the finest of the floor lamps for your rooms. Read it with care.
1. Stein World 99844 Joffrey Resin Floor Lamp

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Looking for a stylish Floor lamp for room? Well, this could serve your purpose. This stylish lamp will blend in well with the interiors of your room seamlessly. The good thing is that this lamp is quite affordable but at the same time it has a rich appearance like some premium brands.

This should always be installed in a dry place. The lampshade is made of super-soft faux silk. The overall finishing and quality of the shade is very impressive. This features a switch that can be operated in three different ways. This works well with a 100-watt bulb.

2. Décor Therapy PL1598 59″ Antique Brass Swing-arm Floor Lamp

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This is one lamp that will never go out of fashion. The conventional steel structure has a very classic finish that is complete with a shade made of synthetic silk. This also has a swing arm that lets you direct the light as per your requirements.

This is very easy to assemble which is a huge plus point of the product. The overall construction of the map is very sturdy, there are no loose parts. This has a switch that can be operated in three different ways. This is sold for a reasonable price tag.

3. Brightech Riley – Free Standing Boho Floor Lamp

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Want to buy a lamp that sports a vintage look? Give this lamp a go. The attractive design will immediately grasp your attention. This can be used at the office or home and it blends in well with the door of any room.

The lamp produces a warm light that has the right amount of brightness to it. The sales package comes with a white LED Bulb. The quality and finishing are both outstanding and the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on the product. This comes with a heavy base so there are fewer chances of this tipping over.

4. Décor Therapy PL1644 61.5″ Walnut Ridge Brass Floor Lamp

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This lamp has a rather attractive walnut finish that makes it a clear winner amongst the rest. The lamp features a switch that operates three ways. If you want to give your interiors a classic makeover then this lamp certainly does justice.
You do not have to worry about blowing up a lot of money to acquire this as it is very affordable. The lampshade is a cheerful shade of cream that will match the décor of virtually every room. The quality of the lamp is outstanding and you can be assured of using it for many years to come.

5. Kenroy Home 32215CBZ Riverside Swing Arm Floor Lamp

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This fully assembled lamp is what you should install in your house if you do not want to settle for something that requires a lot of assembling. This lamp is cleverly designed which means you can tuck it neatly nest to any furniture. This features a swing arm that can be adjusted as per your preference.
The lighting on this lamp can be adjusted in different ways. The good thing is that this can be operated through voice commands via Alexa. The design of the lamp will surely impress you from first glance. Together with a suitable warranty, this lamp is a safe bet.

6. Brightech Sophia LED Floor Lamp

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This lamp comes with a 9-watt bulb which is very bright and does require replacing for a long time. The bulb produces a beam as bright as 800 lumens which is much more than the other lamps in the market. The contemporary design makes it a perfect match for any interior.

Install this anywhere in your house without any hesitation. The weighted base will make sure that it does not fall over and cause any accidents. The body is made of premium quality bronze and is quite sturdy. The manufacturer offers a warranty that is valid for three years.

7. Kenroy Home Floor Lamp with Bronze Finish

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This elegant lamp is just what you need to breathe a little magic in your room. This bronze lamp sports a classic look with a modern influence. This neat floor lamp can be positioned anywhere in the room without causing any obstruction at all, thanks to its sleek build.

This supports two light bulbs that can be switched on or off separately as per your desire. The light is extremely bright but not to an uncomfortable level. When it comes to quality this lamp is undisputed. It is built to last and there are no wobbly or weak components in it. The manufacturer gives the users a warranty that is valid for 12 months.

8. Elegant Designs LF2001-RBZ 1 Light Torchiere Marbelized Glass Shade Floor Lamp

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Dreamt of owning an antique floor lamp or at least a piece that resembles one? Consider your wish granted. This bronze lamp with a marbleized amber shade made of glass will take your breath away.

This lamp does need some assembly but it is nothing you cannot handle. The appearance and overall quality of the lamp are very good. Its structure is made of strong bronze and clearly, it is going to last for a very long time. This is sold at a very reasonable price and there is no reason why you should miss this fabulous deal. Get your unit today!

9. Fangio Lighting’s Swing Arm Floor Lamp In Bronze

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Usher in a bit of romance within your living space by installing this bronze floor lamp. This cute piece can be positioned anywhere indoors. This artistic piece has been created with a lot of thought and its contemporary design allows it to match the decor of any room.

The three-way switch makes it super easy to operate. The sturdy bronze frame reassures us about the quality. The simple lampshade goes well with the overall design. This is certainly an affordable option that you might want to check out. The manufacturer does provide a suitable warranty on the product.

10. Kenroy Home 31381BRZ Richardson Floor Lamp

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Looking for a floor lamp that is a little out of the ordinary? Check out this quirky piece as it will surely mesmerize you. The gothic design with its angular points and modern patterns makes it nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. The golden accents on the body are immediately highlighted when the lamp is turned on.

The good thing about this piece is that it comes fully assembles so you can simply unbox it and set it up anywhere. This weighs 9.9 pounds which means you can move this around the house. This is backed by a one year warranty.

11. Kenroy Home Birdsong Floor Lamp

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This swing arm floor lamp is the cutest spice in the market right now. It features a pretty bronze finch that seems like it is sitting on the arm of the lamp. The overall design of the lamp is very impressive and will match any setting in your house. The height of the unit is 60 inches and it requires a single 150-watt bulb.

This features 3 settings for the light depending on your personal preferences. Since it has an adjustable arm you can position it depending on where you want to focus the light. This comes with a warranty that is valid for 12 months.

12. Cal Lighting Traditional One Light Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp is the perfect addition to your home or office space. This has a very traditional modern design with a sturdy iron body. This does not weigh too much so you can move it around in case you like to position it at different places from time to time.

This has a firm base stand that prevents it from being knocked over. It has a height of 63 inches which is perfect. The width is 19 inches which means it can be tucked away in any corner. The dark bronze finish gives it a stylish appearance. This is a very pocket-friendly unit and it comes with a suitable warranty too.

13. ORE International Floor Lamp with Night Light

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This Victorian styled lamp is what you can use to introduce a bit of old world charm in your living room. This has a sturdy base made of poly-resin material and metal which gives the floor lam a lot of balance. This lamp also features a nice night light that increases its value.

This works well with a 150-watt bulb and it has a three way lighting option. The lampshade is made of nylon and it is easy to clean. This floor lamp is primarily used for indoor use. This lamp is quite lightweight and it can be shifted around easily.

14. OK Lighting Gold Amber Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp boasts of a fabulous modern design that will blend in well with the interior. The structure of the floor lamp is made from high-quality metal and poly-resin. The lamp works fine with a 60-watt bulb.

The weight of the entire unit is 15.5 pounds but at the same time, it can be moved around all over the house very easily. The base stand is very sturdy so the lamp has no chance of toppling over. The overall appearance and quality of the lamp render it to be a good buy hands down. So, do not miss out on this fabulous floor lamp.

15. Décor Therapy Floor Lamp

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Bring home this amazing Floor lamp for room today. This sports a rich Chardonnay finish that is ideal for any décor. This features a light that has three separate settings to suit your preferences.

The lampshade is made of synthetic silk and it is very easy to clean. The finishing, quality, and design of the lamp are all impressive. This is quite affordable so you do not have to depend on expensive brands. This has a sturdy base stand that prevents it from falling over. The lamp weighs a mere 12.45 pounds which is quite lightweight so you can shift it around as you like.

16. OK Lighting OK-4284F 63.50″H Royal Victorian Floor Lamp

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Brighten up the mood of your living room and bedroom with this classic lamp. The lamp is adorned with an antique gold finishing. Together with a lampshade shaped like a bell this unit is a total charmer.

This Floor lamp for room has a very strong structure and does not contain any wobbly parts. The base stand is pretty sturdy so there no chance of this falling over. The lamp uses a 60-watt bulb. The metal and polyresin body adds sufficient strength to the unit. There is no reason why you should miss out on his fabulous piece.

17. Kenroy Home Ashlen Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp sports an organic theme which makes it very appealing. This fully-assembled unit measures 59 inches in height and has a diameter of 15 inches. This can be placed anywhere in the room thanks to its sleek and elegant design.

The lamp comes with a switch that can be operated three ways to control the intensity of the light. This also operates using voice commands via Alexa. There is no doubt that this lamp can enhance the ambiance of any room with its modern design. This is a very affordable unit and it is a must-have.

18. Ravenna Home Classic Traditional Metallic Floor Lamp with LED Light Bulb

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Looking for a floor lamp that does not require too much assembling? Well, you have certainly found a suitable product for you. This lamp is very easy to put together it should not take more than 15 minutes. This comes with a 60 watt LED Bulb.
This metal lamp has been given a nickel finish to add to the durability. Together with a pristine white shade, this is an absolute treat for the eyes. Available online at a reasonable pricing, this is just waiting to be acquired by you. The construction is very strong so expect this to last for a very long time to come.

19. Decor Therapy Floor Lamp

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This stylish floor lamp is probably the best thing you can install in your living space. Its classic design with breathes a breath of fresh air into your indoors. Its white bell-shaped shade is extremely elegant.

The body is made of solid steel and does not have any loose components, which is the best part of this unit. The unit weighs about 15.5 pounds which is not too heavy so you can shift it around the house with ease. Do not worry about splurging a lot of money on this as it is very reasonably priced and is readily available online.

20. Kenroy Home Rumba Lamps

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This lamp has a frame that is openwork and it created to resemble small parts of real bamboo. The design makes this lamp blend in with casual, nautical, bohemian, lodge, rustic, coastal, and tropical style of décor.

There are three different settings for the light and so you can adjust the intensity as per your requirements. The strong metal body adds to the durability of the product which means you will be using this for a very long time. The body of the lamp can be cleaned with regular cleaning solutions. This is sold at a very affordable price and is available online.

22. Decor Therapy Floor Lamp

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So you do not like flashy objects in your living room? Well, try this floor lamp and watch it introduce simplicity and elegance in your living space. The body of the lamp is constructed using resin and it is quite strong. There is no way you will be disappointed with this unit.

This works on a 150-watt bulb that needs to be purchased separately. If you are looking for something that is within your budget then this is what you should get without any hesitation. This weighs 15.7 so you should not have trouble moving it around. This can be installed at home or office.

23. Martin Richard Floor Lamp

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This antique design floor lamp is surely going to charm you at the very first glance. The Detail can be seen in the design and is sure to give your indoor décor a much-needed makeover. The beige lampshade simply adds to the charm especially when the light shines through it.

The body has been given an Antique brass look which is a trend in most homes. The material used to make the shade is synthetic silk. The intensity of the light can be controlled by a switch that can be operated in three ways. All in all, this is a very impressive unit.

26. Adesso Hudson Floor Lamp

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Introduce a very contemporary look into your living room with this floor lamp. This measures 61 inches in height and has a firm base that prevents it from toppling over. The lamp works with a CFL bulb or a suitable Incandescent bulb very well.

The lampshade is made of white cotton and lends a very simple and elegant look to the unit. The overall durability is quite high so you can expect this to go without a scratch or any malfunctioning for quite a long time. The intensity of the light can be controlled by a switch that functions in three different ways.

27. Adesso Floor Lamp Hamilton Floor Lamp

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The design for this lamp is greatly inspired by the mid-century. The linen shade and the eucalyptus wood makes this a treat for the eyes. This classic design makes it a perfect addition to any home. The lamp has a chain made of brass that will let you switch it on and off.

The base has a diameter of 10 inches and is quite firm so it offers the lamp a great degree of stability. The body and the lampshade can be cleaned very easily. The quality and features of this lamp are both impressive. This is sold for a reasonable price tag.

29. Quoizel Victory Tiffany Floor Lamp

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This lightweight Floor lamp for room boasts of a modern design that will blend in well with any indoor decoration. The installation for this lamp is pretty easy and it is not time-consuming. This has brass chains that let you turn on and off the lights very easily.

The body is constructed from resin and has a Bronze finish to give its chic appearance. The shade is made of Tiffany glass. The good thing is that this lamp is quite affordable and you do not have to shell out a fortune to acquire this. The quality is very good and this is worth having in your house.

After a day’s work, all you need is a place to relax. A good lighting arrangement cannot only soothe you; but also help you unwind. Now, who doesn’t want to go into that zone? This is why we ask you to invest in a quality Floor lamp for room that can help you accomplish all this.

We have provided you with all the details that you may need for this. Do take the pointers seriously and you are free to come up with yours as well. We hope you have liked our post and would like to know more from you via the comments section. Why don’t you drop us a line?

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