Decorating Home Swimming Pool with Sculpture & Statue

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The swimming pool is not only a water body in any kind of material or a concrete vessel in your house. It needs to sport other features as well and also the accessories which will make it appear more beautiful and inviting. And this is why; we like to add some fountains, lights, sculptures, waterfalls, and others in order to make it look more relaxing and welcoming also. Another thing which we basically see with a swimming pool is a garden.



Sculptures that are amazing examples of visual artistry reflect the human culture too and these have been in presence since the old times. For offering an enriched appearance to your swimming pool, sculptures and statues nearly appear to be the important elements, particularly the large sized products which can be used for making a statement. You should use 3-dimensional pieces for getting a multi-layered appearance and these will give innovative souls the chance to play with the shapes as well.

pool with small statue

Statues change the aesthetics of your swimming pool through their sheer elegance and bound your guests to appreciate your designing preferences. Long-lasting products like wood, metal, ceramics, and stone are utilized for making them so that they can last for long. These materials utilized bridges the gap between architecture and sculptures, and that is why sculptures work well with the architecture and improve the pool’s design as well. Thereby, here is a guide for helping you offer your swimming pool a unique and new semblance, so as to not let the statues stay limited only to galleries and to become a part of your community which provides them an exceptional identity in residential spaces as well.

How to decorate home swimming pool:

Sophisticatedly shaped sculptures are amazing products of attraction. Among all alluring places of your home, swimming pool is the best place to install statues and sculptures, and here you can install the abstract-style figures. So, your indoor swimming pool can be created gorgeously pleasing if you surround it with sculptures.

sculpture stone swimming pool

The statues always showcase elegance. There is simply something regarding the ancient, classy world confidence they deliver. If you incorporate a grand figure from the Greek Mythology, graceful birds wading through the shallows, a sea creature poised for jumping into the water, the statue around your swimming pool really draws attention.

One of the most popular statues for the pool is Dolphins. They showcase a more playful beauty. Consider options like the Roman God of the Sea, Neptune, or an imperial distinguished lion, if you want a more stately drama.

In order to change the statuary into a water feature, you need a crowning touch. The pool maker can plumb it with a specific device, as long as the figure is hollow, for creating a laminar water jet for emanating from within. The resulting water stream flowing into the swimming pool appears dazzling and it as well produces gentle sounds – widening the sensory attraction of this decorative feature.

Albeit it’s quite costly to outfit the statues with a function of water feature, the basic price is the statue itself. If you have a tight budget, you can opt for a miniature figure which is lesser than 2ft in diameter and height.

Nevertheless, you will need a statue of almost 4-5ft in height for real star power. Costs for the free-standing statues are influenced by factors like quality, size, and also the design’s complexity.

What type of sculptures to decorate swimming pool:

Beautiful sculptures and statues can be prime objects around your swimming pool. These pool accessories are generally made of bronze, concrete, and stone. Some animal, religious figures, plants, flowers, and figures from fictions are considered as famous statues and sculptures. Efficient selection and placement of pool sculptures and statues can improve the look of your swimming pool.

• Animal statues and sculptures:

lion statue for swimming pool
Animal statues will be the best option if you have a small swimming pool. Numerous shaped statues are there: frog, bird, rabbit, turtle, cat, dog etc. Animal statues and sculptures are more modern if standard statues and sculptures made from stone are kept in their basic dark or black appearance. It’s possible to paint them in various colors if you want to coordinate them with the design of your pool. Turtle in yellow, frog in green, and bird in white are looked awesome.

• Sculptures, statues made from stone:

The benefit of this sculpture and statue from stone is durable, hard and can bear outdoor weather. Sculptures, as well as a statue from this material, have different shapes and designs. A few of them are made utilizing marble or granite, yet it is costlier and generally, they are placed in indoor. Substitute for stone is cement, but it is lesser natural and durable than stone.

• Inspired by fairy tales:


These swimming pool sculptures and statues are excellent if you have kids. Change favorite fairy tale characters around the pool through good-looking sculptures and statues. Cinderella, Snow White, Mermaid, Princess, Unicorn, Witches, and Knights are some of the figures which will motivate you. So, you can just place them to create a short story tale.

What to consider while decorating a swimming pool:

When you are considering designing an indoor swimming pool for your house, don’t forget to make it as stylish as possible so that it can become an entertaining area in your house.

While placing statues and installing sculptures around the pool, put some effort so make a comfortable and classical space where the entire family can enjoy as well.

Apart from decorating with statues and sculptures, do design your pool area with some sensational glass mosaic in vibrant colors.Let’s see our product suggestions

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The interior decoration of a pool is really costlier. And so you need to maintain the statues and sculptures a proper way so that the beauty of them last longer.

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