17 Ways to decorate a beautiful kitchen, a beautiful modern kitchen space

The kitchen is not only a place to cook for the whole family, but also a place to keep the fire of happiness for the home of the owner. You do not know how to decorate the kitchen so that it is beautiful, comfortable and impressive. Then don’t ignore our article sharing 17 beautiful kitchen decorating tips below. Surely these are modern kitchen interior designs, trending in 2022 and loved by many people. Take a look at the pictures of the beautiful kitchen space below.

Beautiful modern kitchen with white – black tones

The combination of two legendary white – black colors creates sophistication and elegance for a beautiful kitchen space. This classic pair of tones is always popular in any interior design trend today. These two colors are considered a perfect combination. Create an impressive contrast of colors to help your kitchen stand out, more luxurious.

White – black tones enhance the modern and luxurious look for a beautiful kitchen space

Kitchen cabinets – A highlight in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are an indispensable piece of furniture in the kitchen. Choose shiny sur tone acrylic kitchen cabinets, bringing elegance and modernity to the space. Simple, elegant and luxurious design. Help the kitchen space look uncluttered, cramped and cumbersome. Reasonable layout of kitchen cabinets helps you take advantage of the dead corner of the kitchen, maximizing space.

kitchen cabinet
Using multi-compartment kitchen cabinets is considered a smart solution today

Use shelves in kitchen decoration

Kitchen shelves not only have the effect of storing items for eating needs but also contribute to increasing the aesthetics of the kitchen. Beautiful kitchen space, creating a unique and more attractive. You need to choose a wall shelf that has the right color, size, material, and style to match the overall space. From there, creating harmony, balance, bringing a comfortable feeling when cooking.

kitchen shelves

Color balance for a beautiful kitchen space

The combination and interlacing of colors when decorating the kitchen is a very important factor. Should choose the wall paint color, kitchen cabinet color and the color of other kitchen furniture in a scientific way to create uniformity. Especially the color must be according to the owner’s par, in accordance with feng shui kitchen design. This combination contributes to making the cooking space more tasteful and luxurious.

color balance
Balance and unify the overall color to make the kitchen corner more beautiful and airy

How to design a kitchen for a large space

If you have a spacious kitchen, designing the kitchen will become easier. However, you need to create a balance in the overall kitchen interior and create a highlight in the design of a beautiful kitchen space. Choose elegant white tone, luxury and sophistication. The kitchen space is extremely convenient when there is a dining table, a kitchen counter and a convenient display shelf.

large kitchen for large space

Kitchens with windows are a great idea

In the kitchen should be designed windows to get natural light. The kitchen will become brighter and more airy. At the same time, windows help circulate air and remove odors in the entire room. In addition, it also significantly affects the health and fortune of those living in the house. The kitchen space becomes more lively and airy. You will have happy moments of cooking and eating in a family meal by the window.

space for kitchen idea

Choose the main color for a beautiful kitchen space

With any room, there needs to be a dominant color and so is the kitchen. You should choose a gentle, neutral tone as the main color to easily coordinate with other interiors. Do not forget to choose a color tone that matches feng shui with the owner to bring joy and luck.

Choosing the main color is something that homeowners should pay a lot of attention to when designing the kitchen

How to decorate a beautiful kitchen with white walls

Decorating the kitchen with white walls will make the kitchen space more beautiful, spacious and bright. This color palette has the outstanding advantage that it is very easy to combine with kitchen furniture. This is the ideal color for good feng shui in the house. Bringing the kitchen counter clean and pure to help awaken all the senses in the cooking space.

kitchen with white wall

Exquisite in beautiful kitchen layout

When decorating and designing the kitchen, it is necessary to have a harmonious combination of light, color, space and kitchen furniture so that the overall space becomes luxurious and sophisticated. Today’s kitchen is not only a place to cook but also a place to express the personality and taste of the owner. The principles in designing a beautiful kitchen space are:

Cooking space, sink and refrigerator should not exceed 6m.
Choose durable kitchen flooring.
Choose the right color for the area and space of the house.
Wall cladding and kitchen countertops/shelves ensure practicality.
Note the lighting in the kitchen.
Store tools neatly.

classic kitchen decor

Splash style – unique beautiful kitchen decoration style

Have you ever thought of breaking the way in kitchen decoration and design? This will make your kitchen more unique, impressive and new. Transform your beautiful kitchen corner completely with wonderful colors.

kitchen decor idea 2022

Beautiful kitchen with modern kitchen wooden floor trend

Many modern kitchens these days include a kitchen wooden floor. Using a kitchen island helps to make the space more impressive, and it is also an effective storage place. You can use marble, granite or wood, glass, etc. kitchen island tops. Beautiful kitchen island enhances aesthetics in visual arts. At the same time create a feeling of enjoyment when the owner is in the kitchen cooking.

The kitchen corner is strangely beautiful thanks to the use of natural materials

Using natural interior materials is a classic way to decorate a beautiful kitchen. Bringing warmth and closeness, suitable for those who love Asian style. The decor should be used with wood, brick, …


Rural style kitchen interior decoration

It is a simple and rustic kitchen decoration style. The simplicity and simplicity in the design have created an attractive point for this kitchen. You should design a level 4 kitchen with a spacious and comfortable space

rural kitchen design

Beautiful kitchen decoration in neoclassical style

The style in this design mainly uses soft colors. Paying attention to each design line to create a delicate and artistic architectural space. The kitchen space has a romantic and luxurious beauty. Utility functions, delicate details and harmonious interior space layout.




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