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With the all innovative intervention of Technology and Automation is almost every aspect of our life, we have also indulged to include our pets in the scope of our advanced technology range. Among these innovations, one of the trendiest is the introduction of electronic and programmable Automatic Dog/Cat Feeder (ADF). This is not a replacement for care and attention of the owner, but these lay a helpful hand ensuring that the dog’s needs are perfectly catered when the owner is out of home. These are stylish, modern looking pieces of equipment that do not look out of place in the home and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are equipped with a lot of convenient features.

best automatic dog & cat feeder
A sample of Dog/Cat Feeder

Benefits of Automatic Dog/Cat Feeder
Automatic Dog/Cat Feeder is a true helper in automating the job of feeding the furry friend. Whether you stay in home or go out for work, you have to be careful that your favorite pet is timely and properly fed. And it is quite invincible to gather that what a stiff job is that! The ADF helps the owner to program the dispensing of food at particular times to the pet. The machine also helps to identify the quantity of food to be dispensed to the pet. The aspect of controlling food portions is highly significant. This helps to avert obesity. Obesity even among pets is a complicated growing issue of the current times. Not only it reduces the capacity to work, breeding of various chronic diseases are also due to the presence of these fatty sips. Also, the owner has to be concerned about the sizes of the bowl. It is important as any pet will definitely like to be fed from a bowl that matches the shape. This device is available at most economical rate as compared to the value level it offers. Besides, operating principle is very simple for these devices. Over and above, these devices offer a great value to the owner of the pets.

Types of Automatic Dog/Cat Feeder
There are two main types of ADF: Pet Feeder & Electronic Pet Feeder.
Gravity Pet Feeder
These are least sophisticated type of ADF. Every time the dog feeds, foods fall down naturally from the hopper into the bowl thus replenishing the eaten parts. The dispenser will not be able to release any more food when the bowl is full. It is better that such a feeder requires no programming making the owner assured that the mechanism will never fail and the dog will never miss a meal
Electronic Pet Feeder
These feeders are most popular ADF. These allow the control over the amount of feeding. But, the owner need to program previously the feeding time and measure portion sizes. Food is dispensed automatically at the programmed times and at the exact quantity.
Buying Guide for Automatic Dog/Cat Feeder
While buying an ADF , three important matters are to be put into consideration: Features, storage capacity, and customer satisfaction. The feature includes the inclusion of a timer, whether it supports moist food and whether it can regulate portions. An owner must put these aspects into consideration while choosing an ADF. The owner will also take a brief about the capacity. It implies that whether the device works just for one day or it can be programmed for a longer period. Most people buy such an ADF for convenience. It is to be made sure that each of the feeding system is capable of meeting the needs of different types of dog owners. It is also to be noted that the materials used in making of ADF is non-toxic and pet safe. Shatter proofing is another concern. It is to be made sure that it resists the insistent paws and teeth of the pet hindering the self-controlled feArf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats – Features Distribution Alarms, Portion Control & Voice Recording – Timer Programmable Up to 4 Meals a Dayeding.
Best Automatic Dog / Cat Feeders Review you need to buy for today as a good gift for your lovely pet:
1. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats 

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This valuable product provides consistent dietary plan with the innovative Automatic Pet Food Dispenser from Arf Pets. This is ideal doe those owners who can’t look after their pets properly due to lack of time. The food distribution system helps in personalizing the pup’s dry meal portion and routine. It is required to set the clock, pick up to four meal times, customize the helping size, and leave it on its own. The feeder is required to plug into an ordinary wall outlet. Alternatively, you may go cord-free with three “D” batteries. The customer feels relaxed knowing that the pet is on a regular scheme of fooding
a) This is an automatic Food Dispenser Makes Feeding Hassle Free for Pets’ Dietary Health & Wellbeing
b) The dispenser will provide 1-1 portions per meal and each portion is 24 ml.
c) Distribution alarms simply picks the portion size and unit dispenses for dry meals
d) Record Personal Meal Call Up to 10 Seconds
e) It’s run on 3 D Batteries or DC Power Cable to Outlet
f) There is a customizable Feeder Great for Dogs of size varieties
g) It takes the oath of keeping them Happy All Day Long

2. Abdtech Automatic Cat/Dog Feeder-Wifi Smart Pet Feeder Comes With An App – With Built-in Conveyor System-Automatically Provide Fresh And Healthy Meals

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This product is available through online booking of Wifi Feeder. This product helps the owner by feeding the pet up to 4 meals a day. The portion amount is 3.5 oz per meal. The food portions can be easily determined as well as for the sake of weight management. There are lips that pets can easily love. All the contents of the ADF are easy washable.
a) This ADF device comes with an APP called “Wifi Feeder”. It helps to set the feeding time and feeding portion according to the appetite of pet.
b) It sets a feeding of 0.2 – 3.5 oz per time and up to 4 times a day
c) The inbuilt 1.2 gallon hopper holds the pet and with Digital timer programs, the build-in conveyor system will send out the kibbles precisely as preset meal portions and time. The tray will hold the food for the pet.
d) This removable tray is convenient for cleaning and helps the labor part of the owner while h/she is free from worries about the feeding even during absence

3. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder, Dispenses Dog Food or Cat Food, Digital Clock

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Every pet likes to be fed on a schedule. It is also possible that this very schedule does not adjustable to the to-do list. The owner is to make sure that the pet is fed automatically and have one less thing on the to-do list. This is ensured in the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed. This convenient portion-controlled feeder contains preset meal portions dispensed twice a day at 8 am and 5 pm. The user option allows the owner to customize the feeding schedule for up to 12 meals each day with meal portions from 1/8-cup up to 4-cups. The best management of pet’s feeding routine is thus achieved.
a) Features a Digital timer programs up to 12 meals a day combined with flexible meal portions from 1/8 cup up to 4 cups
b) The anti-jam conveyor system dispenses dry and semi-moist foods of different shapes and sizes.
c) The hopper holds 24 cups of dry food. Bowl holds 5 cups of food.
d) Slow Feed Mode dispenses meals greater than 1/8 cup over 15 minutes to help prevent gulping and vomiting

4. OUTAD 5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Message Recording and LCD Screen Large Smart Dogs Cats Food Bowl Dispenser (white)

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This product is a 100 percent new one and belongs to top quality product. It is equipped with a easy-to-read LCD panel that provides the owner’s voice to call the pet at the meal time. This panel displays the current time, meals programmed, meal size and meal served. This can be programmed to dispense from portion 1 – 4 cups to 3 cups at three selected meals every day. This can handle any range of dry food and can act as storage compartment to keep food dry and fresh. This device can be cleaned with ease.
a) This device constitutes an automatic pet feeder with large LCD controller panel. This is simple to set and easy to read.
b) The LCD controller panel displays the current time, meals programmed, meal size and meals served
c) There is a See-through food hopper which can act as a storage compartment
d) It is tight enough to keep foods dry and fresh. With the look-through features, It can be told easily when it needs refilled. With the removable lid, this can be refilled easily.
e) The capacity of the hopper is 5.5 liters.

5. Automatic Feeder Fitiger Large Automatic Pet Feeder Electronic Control Cat Feeder Electric Pet Dry Food Container with LCD Display for Dogs Cats

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This ADF has a food hopper which is made of used ABS plastic materials and is built safe and durable. This Auto Pet Feeder is designed for outdoor and indoor locations, such as garages, basements and more like these. The Food hopper holds 5.5 liters dry foods, and can monitor any new pet-proof lock on lid. Thus, it provides a better security. The owner will record his/hers voice (10 sec) and make a personalized message enabling the pet know when to eat. It thus makes easy for the owner to feed the pets on time, every time.
a) The LCD screen device and other functions makes the operation an easy task
b) Automatic Electronic Pet Feeder feeds the pet according to the previously set time and quantity.
c) Food hopper holds 5.5 liters dry foods
d) It is highly helpful in management of pet food every day – normally 3 times

6. Abdtech Automatic Cat/Dog Feeder-Wifi Smart Pet Feeder Comes With An App 

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The pet-owner will plug in the power cord ad turn on the power switch nr the power port. It needs to make sure the Red light is lighting continuously, which indicates the successful connection with the power. It also requires ensuring the Green light is flickering slowly, which indicates the feeder is waiting for pairing with the APP. If the green light is lighting continuously at the beginning, long press of the “Set” button until the Ding-Dong sound resetting the feeder is heard.
a) With the APP setting the feeding time and amount to be fed, it will automatically set the regular feeding schedule
b) The APP can also be used to record a few words to call out the pet to eat. Then the feeder will play the recording when it is time to feed. This is good for controlling the pet’s diet. There would be no worries about the feeding when the owner is on vacation or at work.
c) The builtin webcam with HiSilicon Processor shoot High Definition videos and pictures for the pet. This can be watched on APP and can be shared through Social Media

7. Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder Cat Feeders ABS Material Dog Cat Dry Food Portion Control

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This product from Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder will free the owner from any worries about being too busy to forget to feed the pets. Besides, the owner can develop automatic feeding plan according to the laws of the diet rules fixed for pets. The more amazing thing is that this pet automatic feeder will replace the persona in carrying out a perfect feeding plan generously. This ADF allows the owner to customize the feeding schedule for up to 3 meals per day with meal portions from 1-cup up to 12-cups.
a) The drum capacity is of up to 5.5 liters of dry food. This device is capable of recording up to 10-sec voice message to be played three times for each feeding.
b) The owner can leave home for work secure while knowing that the pet will always have the right amount of food at the moment they expect it.
c) Best quality material is used to ensure the good health of the pets. The material from ABS seems to be light and pliant. It will save the power and the food does not get stuck to the bowl.

8. Catit Fountain

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This is a product with fresh, unique design that allows up to 3 different water flow settings to appeal to picky drinkers. The Catit Flower Fountain is based on the successful Catit Drinking Fountain. The Flower Fountain provides a gently flowing water surface when plugged without using accessories. The induction of the flower accessory creates long, faucet-like streams of water. Adding the flower cap will tone down the bubbling water on top; thus it is advisable to give this setting a try if the pet loves playing with water than drinking. This is easy to disassemble and clean and has an ergonomic design matching the Catit Multi Feeder. In combination, these two gives out a complete dining experience.
a) The product allows three different water flow settings for picky drinkers and offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water
b) The 3L re-circulating system takes up little floor space
c) The unique design has been made to provide fresh water only to the pet

9. 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cat Dog with Voice Recorder and Timer Programmable

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Among the most recognizable ways to keep dogs healthy lies in the system to feed them the right amount of food. If the quantity is insufficient, the pet will suffer from nutritional deficiencies. At the same time, consuming too much will eventually result in obesity and all of the health problems. This dispenser will make maximum of 4 meals a day. There are 1 to 39 portions in a meal and each portion is around 10-12 gram. This product has unique capacity of 6 liters and help to keep the food dry and clean.
a) An automatic Food Dispenser makes feeding a hassle free practice
b) It has a unique capacity of 6 liters
c) This allows up to 4 meals a day. There are 1 to 39 portions in a meal and each portion is around 10-12 gram.
d) The pet owner will be supposed to record voice for 10 seconds to call the pet for meals.
e) This is built in infrared detection which can prevent the food locking. This system can fit dry foods of any shape, but the food size cannot exceed 0.39″ * 0.39″(1 cm*1 cm), else the food may be stuck in the hole.

10. Jempet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder, Auto Food Dispenser for Dogs and Cats, Timer Programmable, Portion Control, HD Camera for Voice and Video Recording, Controlled by Smart Phone with WIFI

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This product has the capacity to store a large amount of dry food for pets. The hopper is designed to keep the elements out while maintain freshness and nutritional value of the food till the nest refill. The APP allows flexible feeding portions for feeding the pets. This precisely measured portion and weight management makes overweight puppy is easy to lose excess weight. The High Definition Camera has 130° wide-angle lens and 1 million pixels. It allows the owner take photos, make videos, watch and share the same through social media.
a) The food hopper is specially designed to keep the elements out and maintain freshness and nutritional values till the next refill
b) Flexible portions can be programmed with the indulged Jempet App
c) The APP also allows the pet owner to customize pet feeding schedule. The owner will be able to set regular feeding time in advance and the smart feeder will dispense food for your pets on the right time and enjoy free from worriness.

11. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 Model Now With iOS/Android Apps. Built In Webcam. For Wet/Dry Food, Treats & Meds.

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This is one of the smartest pet feeders in the world. The newest 2018 model allows the user to set one time or regular feeding schedules for the pet using the new iOS/Android apps, or via the website. Feed and Go lets the owner to control pet’s diet for wet and dry food, treats and even medication. This also allows controlling unlimited Feed and Go’s from one profile with just one click needed to switch feeders. With the built in webcam, Feed and Go gives pet parents great peace of mind when they are away from home.
a) It is the only Smart Pet Feeder for Wet/Dry Food, Treats and Medication, Measures 18L x 16W x 3H (Inches). Note: We Don’t Recommend Leaving Wet Food In For Longer Than 24 hrs.
b) There are six compartments in all. Each Compartment holds Up To An 8oz Cup Size. The owner is to decide the feeding amount, the food situation, medication and treats.
c) The new APP and iOS allows scheduling Feeds and View. It also permits Multiple feed.

12. Best 4 Our Pets Automatic Pet Feeder 

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This unique product is for dog owners who want to control the portions their pets eat. They are convenient to using a traditional bowl. They will also enjoy the expediency of having meals automatically dispensed. If he/she wants to help dispense the correct amount of a healthy portion of food, deliver timely feedings for families on irregular schedules, and knowing that the pet is getting a measured amount to help weight issues – then this product is best fit. This is an amazing new automatic pet feeder that helps every owner rest assured that the beloved pet is fed with the appropriate apportion.
a) This product helps the owner to fix a conjuring portion of healthy foods for pet consumption
b) With the help of tome controlled food bowl, it is possible to timely feedings even the family has an irregular schedule
c) The automatic portion control will give the owner access to avert over feeding of the pet

From a detailed study of the products that help the pet owners avert the worrying from the hassle of regular feed to their pets, it is stable to state that all of the products are equipped with the most advanced technologies and fixtures. These devices are equipped with inputs that help the owner fix and regulate their pet feed. It is thus recommended that the buyer must consult all the relevant features applicable for providing the pet with accurate apportion of food at the right moment. Each of the owner will definitely concerned about the hygienic condition of his/her pet. Thus, they will never fail to choose devices which provide best health resolution and non-sticky too.


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