Best desk lamps for reading or working

Have you Ever thought about a quality desk lamp for reading or working? Chances are less that you have, as not many give it a serious thought. However, for you’re the sake of your eye health, you need a good desk lamp to work with. You could be a student, a techie, handcrafting personal or an office goer that brings home work that may be looking for a desk lamp. … [Read more...]

Wall Lamps to buy -Best way to Design your Home with

A wall lamp is basically a light/ lamp with sconce affixed to a wall. The sconce serves the fixture on a wall and a lamp is attached to it. From time immemorial human civilizations across the globe have been using torch the one end of which being combustible is ignited and the other end is fixed in a sconce as an alternate source of light. Perhaps, that is the oldest prototype … [Read more...]