Best Water Fountain for Outdoor & Garden

If you like decorating your house with different furnishings and are into landscaping, then getting a water fountain could be a good idea. You could use it in your garden, terrace or keep it right in your living room. Installing an outdoor & garden water fountain shows that you like tranquility and serenity. This gives an impression of a spirited you to your guests and a jovial person is liked by all.
Even Feng Shui considers fountains to be auspicious as it lends balance and is a mark of strength for you. Fountains bear the element of water that was a symbol of abundance and prosperity in ancient China. So, you see they are pretty nice furnishings to be kept at home or office. In some commercial centers, big & huge Water Fountain should be often put at the middle of center. This would attract more clients for buying and selling activities. You can also put water fountain at the garden or yard, it would bring wealth, fortune and health for your family…

Buying guide for outdoor & garden water fountain
As a homeowner you must not forget the importance of investing in the right kind of product while buying a fountain. We have a few pointers that will help you find the suitable for you.
a) Budget – The price varies according to the material used in these fountains. It could be made from copper, bamboo, stone or ceramic and will be priced consequently. You need to decide which one you want for your home.

b) Size – Again, let the size of your house decide on this and you should choose a size that suits this arrangement. It should blend in your landscape and must not look over imposed.

c) Material – Give this a thought as because limestone is a popular choice, graphite has longevity, marble is ideal for warmer climatic conditions and bronze can last for you decades but needs some effort from your side. Think about it and then decide.

d) Safety – Make sure that you choose fountains with anchors, especially if you kids and pets at your home. Safety comes first and you can give buying a waterfall kit for best results.

How to choose suitable one?
Here are some more tips on buying the most suitable one for your home:
a) The first thing you must think over is that the fountain you are choosing will withstand seasonal changes
b) You may deem over solar powered fountains as they will save you a lot over the electric types
c) You can get a do it yourself (to cut down the cost) or may get a pre-assembled one

How to maintain water fountains?
Maintaining your outdoor & garden water fountain is not that difficult. You need to pay a little attention to your fountain to keep it up and running. Here are some tips:
a) Add an algae treatment to your fountain water
b) Keep the pump clean
c) Take care of the water level for proper working
d) Look for cracks in your ceramic and stone fountains
e) You must drain all water during the winters

Top Water Fountain to look for in 2018 inside and outside:

Design Toscano Pixie Fairy Sculptural Fountain, Antique Stone

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The product belongs to a top quality designer resin that has used real crushed stone. A unique finish has been created with individual hand painting. This beautiful faux has been proved ideal for any home as well as garden. The product belongs to an exclusive Toscano branded design make. An inclusion has also been made with UL-listed indoor and outdoor re-circulating pump. The product has been distinguished with quality design and the augmented finish in stone. It is a good example of austere hand-crafted product.


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The beauty in the product has been imparted with then demonstration of a fairy maid who pours water in sparkling tiers. The tiers are down in a series of open blossoms. The product has been given an austere form with the electric pump that also made it handier for use. It is a good demonstration of fiberglass presentation. The oil based paint has offered the product with glazy appearance that ooze out with attraction. The entire product is a multiple form of resin material.

Design Toscano Resin L’Acqua di Vita Sculptural Fountain

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The dimension of the product has made it a light-weight and thus easy for transportation. Resin of best quality has been bonded with real crushed stone while making this product. Expert artisans had built the product. Thus, it could become a illustrative sample of hand-crafting. Each piece has been painted individually by hand. It is one of demonstrative replicas of adored Toscano Brand who are committed to make pieces ideally for home and garden. An inclusion of UL-listed indoor and outdoor recirculation pump has increased the utility.

Sunnydaze Classic 3 Tier Designer Outdoor Water Fountain, Dark Brown, with Electric Pump, 55 Inch Tall

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The product is a perfect demonstration of light-weight accessory and thus easy to carry for transportation. It cites a poly-stone construction and durability is ensured thereby. The inclusions include an electric pump, tubing, electric cord and leveling shims. A quick assembly is allowed with the stack and lock design. The inclusion of suitable indoor and outdoor recirculation pump has increased the utility. The product has been made ideal for the uses in home and garden. This comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This is adored for being able to bring life, relaxation and health to patios.


 Sunnydaze Fairy Flower Solar-on-Demand Outdoor Water Fountain, 42.5 Inches

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The product has been differentiated with the pedestal base. The ideal diameter and soft-touch weight has made the piece an ideal for any outdoor and patio. It is the use of resin and fiberglass material that helped the pieces is light in weight and convenient for movement. Fountains are advised to keep empty and covered before coming of winter season. LED lights are inserted in the basin with a solar panel and pump. This LED bulbs will turn off automatically with breaking of day. The entire system runs on solar or battery power. The on-screen images make variation in color.

Design Toscano Resin Portare Acqua Italian Style Sculptural Fountain

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The product demonstrates a premier source to historical replicas. The experts from the company take details by moving directly to the origin. They recommend to build light-weight product that facilitate easy transportation is highly solicited. Real crushed stone is bonded with non-compromising quality resin. Expert hand-crafting has made the elucidation of the product. Individual painting in the products has given them a unique dimension. There could be variation in color due to the difference in image form. This entire demonstration has helped to commensurate with the commitment of keeping quality and commitment to make ideal garden showpiece.


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There is depiction of wonderful childhood tales that forms a basic feature of this beautiful product. There are images of crystal waterfalls by the side of this citable water fountain. There are LED lights that are inserted into the basin powered with solar energy. The impetus of solar power enables to get us a product that adds to favorite. There is no provision of tangled cords, or an optional electrical plug for overcast days. This product has been featured with poly-resin, sand and stone-powder.

Ravenna Italian 43″ High Fountain by John Timberland

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The Ravenna Italian style water fountains are featured with three levels of water sprinkling. The recommended light weight of the product has always facilitated easy removal or duff transportation. This product is a good demonstration of resin construction that is also featured with auto-driven pump. It can hold 5 gallons of water. Each of the products has been beautifully designed with inclusion of a geometric pattern. This is rare and thus is especially liked. The ideality lies in placing as an outdoor garden fountain though inward placement is no less worth. The product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Sunnydaze Fairy Shell Outdoor Water Fountain, 30 Inch Tall

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Beautiful fiberglass material is used in making this product. The included shell bowl has been made 6.5 inches deep for more insertion of water. The light-weight of the product has been made it convenient to transport with ease. The sturdiness of the material has also gone for making it more durable. An insertion of re-circulating electric pump has eliminated the need of plumbing. The incubated plugging into standard outlet has made the job for user easier. H/She will just have to assemble, fill, plugging in and enjoy the fountain.

Sunnydaze Two Tier Solar-on-Demand Outdoor Water Fountain, Earth Finish, 35 Inch

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An insertion of separate solar panels has made the fountain more illustrative. The construction with fiber-glass and sophisticated resin has made the product more durable as both the material are enough sturdy. Both the materials used are light-weight and thus the removal and carrying has been made easy. The Solar Panel has been small enough that facilitates easy mounting. The inclusions are made with rechargeable battery pack, compatible submersible water pump, and 14 foot power cord. All these enable for installation in convenient position. The product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Classic Two-Tier 37″ High Reconstituted Granite Fountain

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All the products coming under this category bear Timberland branding. The products are featured with stone finish and reconstituted granite construction. These entire products represent easy set up for patio and garden, as committed by the manufacturer. The ability to plug into any standard wall outlet has enhanced present-ability of these unique fountain products. It is associated with a 13-ft. long cord and water pump. The entire product has made a wonderful focal point for garden. The product is slightly heavier making the carriage or movement a bit tough.
Kenroy Home 53200PLBZ Costa Brava 46-Inch 56-Pound High Outdoor Fountain, Plum Bronze Finish

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The product demonstrates a unique finish of Bronze. The medium-weight product has been placed as an ideal one for any garden. The capacity to hold water is 3.8 gallons. There is insertion of LED capacity at the basin, which is auto-driven. The enjoyable sight of this beautiful water feature in the backyard and garden has been real enthralling. This lighted classic product has featured with the ability to create beautiful sounds in the three tiers ingrained within. The institutional facility to plug into any standard wall outlet has enhanced look of these unique fountain products.

There are countless ways of decorating your house using an outdoor & garden water fountain. All you need is to be a little creative to find more about this. Hope this post has helped you find all the answers and more. Do let us know through the comments section about this.

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