Best Statues for Living room Decoration & bring Luck, Fortune, Wealth

A statue is normally observed as sculpture representation of famous people or animal. They are made to represent an allegorical form of that people or animal. These are seen to be of normal length or at life-sized ones.

Thus, a statue is seen to represent an action of art that is formed by carving or chiseling stone or wood. Statues may be seen to represent a model or any form of art. Many of these statues are seen to be worshipped by participants of a number of religions. Nowadays, some statues & sculptures have been used not only for decorating your room, but also for Spirituality; these Statues also bring Luck, Fortune & Wealth.

1. Cold Cast Bronze Roman Goddess Fortuna Greek Goddess Tyche Statue

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Fortuna was a personification of luck or good luck. It is also assumed that she represented veiled and blind representing a modern epitome for Justice. Fortuna is provided with a retinue included Copia among her blessings. She is also assumed to protect grain supplies under the name Annonaria.
Cold Cast Bronze is used in making this statue. This is a new art-form which brings elegant works of art and reproductions of ancient classics. An authentic look is provided by a mix-up of true bronze powder with resin. This method of casting allows us to sell the product at some higher price that is a little more accessible. Each piece is hand finished and colored to make every two pieces look identical.
• The products are made from Cold cast Bronze
• Bronze powder is used for an authentic look
• Each piece is hand-finished.
• Hand-finish and coloring make every two pieces identical.

2. 11.38 Inch Blinded Greek Goddess Fortuna Cold Cast Bronze Figurine

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Fortuna Cold Cast Bronze Figurine has the finest details and highest quality. These 11.38 Inch Blinded Greek Goddess Fortuna Cold Cast Bronze Figurine are nothing but remarkable.
These products are sculpted and handcrafted and made to the finest detail in cold cast metal (Bronze/Pewter) finish.
• These products are crafted with cold cast bronze.
• The products finishes are made in cold cast metal
• These products constitute a perfect gift for them who love Greek.
• A great craftsmanship is exhibited in producing these products.
• Weight of the product is 1.1lb. Dimensions: H: 11.38 (Inch)

3. 8″ Seated Lakshmi Hindu Goddess Hinduism Statue Sculpture Figure Fortune

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The goddess of Lakshmi is treated as the goddess of wealth and fortune and such an idol has tremendous emotional and ethnic value in people’s mind. These products from Amazon are made from Cold Cast Bronze, which is a combination of Bronze powder and resin. They are evenly distributed as a gift towards Thanksgiving, Birthday, Anniversary, Diwali and so on. There is a special worship of this goddess in Diwali observed by the people at North India.
• These products are made from Cold Cast Bronze, which is a combination of Bronze powder and resin.
• These statues are approximately 8 inches high.
• They are very beautiful and auspicious to look at.
• An additional base is seen at the bottom of them.
• Weight of these products is 2.1lb.

4. Goddess Lakshmi Shri Thirumagal Statue Hindu Deity of Prosperity Wealth Wisdom Fortune

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The Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity is an embodiment of beauty. She is in consort of Lord Vishnu and also called Mahalakshmi. She is said to bring good luck and is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of misery and money-related sorrows. She is also called as Shri or Thirumagal because she is endowed with six auspicious and divine qualities.

Elsewhere, she is the source of strength even to Vishnu. It is stated in myths that when Vishnu was incarnated on earth as avatars like Rama and Krishna, Lakshmi incarnated as his consort in forms like Sita as Rama’s wife and Radha, the lover of Krishna. Rukmini and the other wives of Krishna are also considered forms of Lakshmi. She is worshipped daily in Hindu homes and commercial establishments as the goddess of wealth. The festivals of Diwali and Kojagari Purnima are celebrated in her honor.
• These products are made of designer composite resin
• They are hand-painted and polished individually
• The color tone may vary with pictures.
• The dimension stands as 19.75 inches tall, 9.5 inches in length and 5.5 feet in depth.

5. Golden Brass Fengshui Handmade Fortune Eagle Statue Hawk figurine Home Furnishing Office Decoration

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There is a pair of high flying wings on the land of human life. These have the eyes of an eagle and have the same spirit of an eagle. It is a dream that a lot of people like to prosecute. This bird has a beautiful appearance. Besides, they conform to a symbol of freedom, strength and courage. It is said to reflect royal temperament. The bright eye is said to depicting the future, while it helps in bringing success too. This product is ideal for business meeting, home, living room and office decoration etc.
• These products are made of high quality copper.
• Eagles are king of birds and form distinctive gift item.
• These products are very good collection items too
• The ornaments placed on the idol look very realistic, proving the high standard of the craftsmanship.
• These idols are thought to bring wealth and help wishes come true.

6. Feng Shui Bronze Three Elephant on Bridge Trunk Statue Wealth Lucky Figurine Gift Home Décor

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The product is an elegant statue of an elephant. The animal symbolizes power, strength and fertility. It is also famous in providing protection to a home. These figures represent an antique style. The trunks are made to face upwards that shows the appearance of prosperity, good luck and success. The cloak shows a fancy pattern of flower embedded with striking golden color. These statue forms an ideal gift for birthday, holiday and housewarming.
• These products are made of Poly-resin.
• These statues are believed to bring about protection to the home.
• Wisdom, strength and fertility are the other hues.
• The trunks of the elephants are facing upwards. It shows bringing of prosperity, luck and success.
• These are fantastic decoration for placing in office, front door, living room and beside the bed for good Feng Shui.

7. Horse Statue, Horse Sculpture, Horse Figurine for Wealth

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The horse is a Chinese God and it is known as Chinese God of prosperity. The God on its saddle symbolizes wealth, fame and success. It also bears the hymn of strength and endurance too. Such a Horse Figurine is displayed as SE for wealth, in South position to gain good fame or in North position to bring chance to successful career. Besides, horse is the covert ally of sheep. So one horse statue at home is supposed to appease Tai Sui and bring good luck. The statue has been made of brass.
• This product is made of brass.
• The approximate weight of the product is 2lb.
• The craft shows the benevolence in Horse, the Chinese God of prosperity.
• These products are displayed and purchased as forbearer of good luck.

8. Feng Shui Golden Lauging (Happy) Buddha on Money Frog (Money Toad) Statue Figurine for Wealth Luck

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The Laughing Buddha himself is a vision of happiness. The face is always in a happy, laughing expression and pose expresses a jolly mood too. The spirit of the statue lift mood at once and thus they are valued. They are supposed to bring about good fortune whatsoever grave the situation is. Money Frogs are presumed as strong symbol of prosperity, used extensively to attract wealth luck. These figures are normally put on a table in home and office. Shop-owners place them on sales counter in an expectation of bringing good luck.
• These products are made golden from resin. They are sized at 3.75×5.5.
• These laughing Buddha are also known as happy Buddha.
• These products are suggested to be rested on a place where appearance of luck is a need.

9. Feng Shui Set of Two Golden Brass Chi Lin/Kylin Wealth Prosperity Statue + Set of 10 Lucky Charm Ancient Coins on Red String , Home Decoration Attract Wealth and Good Luck

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Chi Lyn of Kylin represents auspiciousness. These products are gifted with ability to protect houses. It also wards off evil influences and fetches wealth improvement to its surroundings. Therefore, these products make an indispensable component of home furnishing in Feng Shui. In Feng Shui. These products are also known for their effectiveness in multiplying the offspring of legendary talks about them. A pair of this product is required to be placed on the head of a bed with one at each side and head towards the bed center. There is a male and a female. The male is standing on al ball and the female is on an ingot. Bringing them in close proximity, they are supposed to bring luck.
• These products weigh 13.4oz.
• These products are sold as an indispensable product to bring about fortune in home.
• The manufacturing material is brass.
• This product includes a male standing on a ball and a female one standing on an ingot. When being placed a pair at home, they will greatly increase the fortune.

From the above discussion, it is apparent that there are huge variety of products that are sold on the basis of human sentiment and spiritual agony. In fact, treachery is being converted into cash. People do like to trust in supernatural powers and they are ready to invest behind things that are supposed to bring luck into their veil. Thus, various statues are made that carries the image of these beliefs. Notwithstanding that these products carry a secured value of art, they have been placed in various art galleries as valuable representation of art.

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