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As a child, I remembered geography class at secondary school when the teacher brought the Illuminated world globe into the classroom and giving the lessons. Indeed, the geographical sphere makes geography lessons much more interesting, making it easier for pupils/students to imagine and understand the lesson.

Today the geographic sphere tends to be heavily used in offices, schools, etc. Transnational investors use the geographical sphere to find various investment opportunities around the world, in cooperation. do business and get territorial ideas for investment.

So, what is the criterion for selecting an appropriate geographical sphere?

– Design of the sphere: the sphere is usually evenly rounded, on the surface divided into continents surrounded by oceans. The advice is to choose the globe with countries that have clear borders, note the bold country names, and can also use colors to distinguish areas with hills, trees, deserts…
The size:for super big design, you can put it on floor of your home library, smaller one for you can put on working table or bookshelf.
– The stand of the globe: need to choose a solid base with the arc hugging the globe firmly. The globe needs to rotate smoothly when touched, in fact, the sphere has a certain inclination to simulate the real image of the earth when moving in space.

Below are the appropriate product models to choose from:

Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Stand – Built-in LED Light Illuminates for Night View – Colorful, Easy-Read Labels of Continents, Countries, Capitals & Natural Wonders, 8 Inch Diameter

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It’s a perfect Illuminated World Globe with clear boder lines among countries. The specific colors show where’re deserts, seas, Capitals or mountains…the advanced technology inside the product is the led light, you now can see clearly the map even at night. It’s a good product to put on Desk, for study room of kids.

Waypoint Geographic World Globe for Kids – Scout 12” Desk Classroom Decorative Globe with Stand, More Than 4000 Names, Places – Current World Globe

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It’s a beauiful design with highlighted color on the surface of sphere. Different colors with yellow, orance, blue, green… have been used to make the students can easily see the nations on it. The notable for the product is the firm stand, you now can take a small impact force to make the sphere to move from this stand. Size: 16”h x 13.5”W x 12”d is good to put on the table of your office. The teachers can use this product for their geography class

World Globe with Illuminated Constellations – 13” Light Up Globe for Kids & Adults – Interactive Earth Globe Makes Great Educational Toys, Office Supplies, Teacher Desk Décor, More by Get Life Basics

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As you can see, the stand from this World Globe has been made from metal…With specific design for astronomy and the stars; now you can learn them at night via illuminated constellations. The sphere has marked the desert, high mountains as well the occean with blue. You can order this product for your desk, for kids to study & understand the earth.

Replogle Standard – Educational Desktop World Globe with Stand for Kids and Teachers, Over 4,000 Place Names, Designed for Classroom Learning (12″/30 cm Diameter)

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This is simple and firm design with metal stand. The color has been made to sapperate all nations in the sphere. As you can see the boders have been fade to make it special among other product. The deep occean has been with darker blue to impress about this. This is small design, and you can buy it to put on table, bookshelf… the product is good for kid, for investors, and for education centers,schools…

Replogle Globes Franklin World Globe, Antique Ocean, 12-Inch Diameter,Over 4,000 Place Names

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The size for this world global is 12-Inch/30Cm; the it’s rather suitable to put in your office, on desk. The most notable for this product is that there’re plenty of information showing on the globe. The firm stand with parameter makes this product deserved to buy. The  weight for the product is 4.41 pounds ; it’s convenient for you to carry it if you have to bring somewhere or move in room!

Waypoint Geographic Light Up Globe – Lugano 12” Desk Decorative Illuminated Globe with Stand & Blue Ocean, up to Date World Globe

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Yes, the first thing we need to talk is that this is classic design, and it’s suitabel for adults. The oceans’re only with light blue color. The wooden stand to make this product more classic. However, you can also see the nation clearly. The color on Geographic Globe shows the deserts, the loction with living conditions & climate as real as our earth. This product is very suitable for geographic classroom

Advantus 12 Inch Desktop World Globe with Blue Oceans (30502)

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It’s a different design with multiple colors to show the nations. The size of product with 12-inch is suitable to put on your desk. The metal stand with different style to keep the sphere. You now can learn the world in easy way with illustrattion for mountains, deserts, forests. It’s a good idea to buy this product as gift. 

TCP Global 10″ (25cm) Deluxe Blue Ocean Desktop World Globe Black Base 

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The product is different with plastic base & it’s so durable. Yes, the purple & the pink have been use more to color the countries. As the oceans are always with blue.  Metal semi meridian from the product makes it special. With this guide, you can locate exact any countries or area on the sphere with exact parameter. It’s a good product for schools, classroom, library..

Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls Ages 4+ Educational Toy Gift (No Borders, No Names On Globe)

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The advice for this product is for kids. There’re no borders on the sphere; with only the exploring animals, featured sightseeings in each location. The color on the sphere surface doesn’t illustrate where is the deserts, mountains, forests… the product can connect with ipad to show some images and giving some information

Globe | World Globe for Kids with Free Magnifying Glass| Antique Decorative in Style | World Map Kids Educational Learning Toy Engaging Children | Old World Style for Desktop Stand

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It’s a wonderful product to study Geography & exploring the world. The stand is firm & special with dark brown color. There’re different types of color to mark the countries. This product is special when there’s no blue for ocean. But maybe you like it. The product has been equipped with magnifying glass to zoom out with clear view. 

Maintenance for the product

Normally, the Illuminated World Globes are always durable. You can take clean with pure water & soft cloth.

If your home with pets, take cake of them when cats, dogs can use their claws to scratch the surface of the sphere.

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