Best Portable Generators Reviews for Your Home

In electricity generation, a generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit. Sources of mechanical energy include steam turbines, gas turbines, water turbines, internal combustion engines and even hand cranks.

The benefit of Portable Generators?
Many people are finding out that there are many benefits to owning a portable generator. Homeowners take up the largest segment of the portable generator market. Portable generators are the perfect power source for around the home and garden. Portable generators are ‘portable’ by nature and provide many benefits to a homeowner. For people that live in storm prone areas, power outages can become a common occurrence.

A portable generator can save these households lots of money by powering up mission, especially neccessary appliances in the event of a power outage. When the power supply is interrupted, this means the lights go out. There is no power for cooking/preparing meals, no refrigeration to keep food from spoiling, no lights for children doing homeworks or watching TV, no communication with the outside world and in some cases no water (if a pump is required).


A portable generator not only means you can run your domestic appliances, it also means a real sense of security during and after severe weather events. Portable generators can be tailored to any electrical application. Not only are they an obvious back up power source for your home, they can be useful in the shed or garden. Portable generators often compliment shed activities like welding or the use of power tools.

Portable generators have the dual benefit of not only providing power to your shed, but also your caravan or camper trailer when you are camping remotely. They are perfect for people on the move and are a must for camping and caravanning enthusiasts. Nowadays there are many different types of portable generators specifically manufactured for different needs and applications. Each type of portable generator has a specific function and advantage. Recreational, Trade, Domestic and Industrial are some of the most popular generators types and each type has a specific function and advantage.
How to install and use the generator for electricity:
The easiest way to connect the portable generator to the house is to use lots of extension cord. First, you have to switch your main power supply off. Install a 65A changeover switch near the main distribution board in the home. Then connect that changeover switch to the main switch. After that, you have to connect a 4 mm or 6 mm wire to the changeover switch. Place the 3 pin power plug to the socket connected with the flexible wire. And switch it on.
Where to put it?
According to any manual which comes with any model of portable generator states that it should be placed in a dry area to avoid electrical shots and short circuit. You also have to keep it at least 3 feet away from anything inflammable. The manual also states that the garage is not a safe place to keep portable generator.

List of the top Best portable generators you need to buy for today:
1. Champion Power Equipment 46539 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start:

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The Champion Power Equipment 46539 comes out of the factory as RV ready with 30A RV outlet with sufficient power to start and run a 15000 BTU RV air conditioner.
This portable generator has a 4 stroke OHV Engine which in turn produces 3500 running watts and 4000 starting watts.
This champion power equipment portable generator has 196 cc champion cold start engine to start in cold weather.
The portable generator has outlets of 120V 30A locking, 120V 30A RV, 120V 20A, all secured by Volt Guard. It has electric remote control start powered by the Champion 196cc OHV engine.

3. DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator with Wheel Kit and Electric Start:

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The Duromax XP4400E is a gas powered generator which has 7.0 Horsepower air cooled OHV engine with 3500 watts running power.
The generator includes both standard recoil start and easy electric start. This rugged generator is an excellent choice for job sites where drills and powering sews needs to be used.
The generator includes two household outlets of 120 volts and 20 amp. The Duromax RV switch gets maximum power from each outlet.
The generator features a heavy duty steel frame roll cage with four-point isolated motor. The XP4400E comes with a wheel kit generator tool kit and one year warranty.

3. DuroStar DS4400, 3500 Running Watts/4400 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator:

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The DuroStar DS4400 is ideal for home backup power during an emergency and also good enough to support your power tools on a job site.
This portable generator runs on gas. It has an AC output rated 3500 watts which surge to 4400 watts. The Duroster DS4400 has the latest technology sensor which shuts off the engine in low oil.
It has two different outlets; two 120-volt 20-amp 3-prong outlet and one 120-volt/240-volt 30-amp twist-lock outlet. The exhaust is super quiet, rated at 69 decibels with spark arrestor.
With this DuroStar DS4400, you don’t have to worry about blackouts anymore as it will support you whenever you need it.

4. DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator:

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The DuroStar DS4000S has an air-cooled overhead valve engine of 7.0 horsepower. The engine comes with recoil which gives 3300 constant running watts of power with a peak of 4000 watt power.
The generator is gas powered and has heavy duty steel frame with four point isolated motor mounts for smooth running. It has full power panel with shutoff switch, voltmeter, circuit breaker and two power outlets.
The run time of this generator is 8 hours. The engine has a sensor which shuts it off when there is less oil which in turn protects the engine. It has 8 hours of run time.

5. Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator with GFCI Outlets – 5500 Running Watts and 6750 Starting Watts – Gas Powered – CARB Compliant:

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The Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator comes with loaded with a unique combination of features. The generator has optimum performance, reliability, and safety. Westinghouse WH5500 powers up by gas.
The WH5500 is EPA and CARB compliant. This generator has 5500 running watts and 6750 starting watts. The Westinghouse WH5500 is super durable as it runs for 16 hours on a full 6.6 gallon tank of gas. The 357cc Westinghouse 4 stroke OHV engine with iron sleeve makes it extra durable.
The tool kit comes with it includes oil, oil funnel and a tool kit. The WH5500 has 3 years of warranty of service and support.

6. WEN 56551, 5000 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator:

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The WEN 56551 provides 5000 running watts and 5500 surge watts which is enough to make your AC, TV and refrigerator to run even in a bad weather condition.
The 6.5 gallon fuel tank provides a long 15 hours of power backup. It has four 120 volt 20A receptacles which makes it stable. The WEN 56551 has automatic voltage regulator, wheel and handle kit.
The engine has a high technology feature of low oil shut down. In which the engine saves itself by automatically shutting down as the fuel tank gets empty. The WEN 56551 comes with a 2 year warranty.

7) Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

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The Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready is a power pact generator that provides you with plenty of backup. If you are planning a weekend, then this could be the answer to your prayers for sure. It has a run time of 8 hours and Quick Touch Panel that helps you access all controls at once. Its Smart Economy Mode aids in quiet operation, provides an extended life to your engine and ensures better fuel economy. Moreover, it comes with a 3 year limited warranty and technical assistance that is free for life. All this makes this product a reliable generator for you and your family.

8) Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Digital Hybrid Portable Generator with Quiet Technology

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This generator is an innovative product of all time and the Advanced Digital Hybrid Design makes it 20% lighter and 50% quieter. Not to mention, that this extends the life of the engine and saves fuel. The 0.6-quart oil capacity makes it beast of a machine that can shut off when the gas runs low. It is quite surprising to know that this can run for 17 straight hours on a full tank. The Parallel Ready system can connect up to 2 power inverters of 2800 Watts that can increase the output considerably. It comes with a 3 year limited warranty and offers you with free technical assistance for life.

9)Champion 1200-Watt Portable Generator

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The Champion 1200-Watt is made from sturdy steel frame that adds to its ruggedness. With a fuller tank of gas it can offer you with 10 hours of service and certainly makes it a champion. Can work as a backup not for recreational activities but also can support you during natural calamities (like storms and hurricanes). Its 80cc Champion can be started with a cold start, which means it is not that difficult to get it started as well. It compliant with CARB of 50 states and that makes it a truly
Dependable generator. It comes with 3 years limited warranty and a lifetime of technical assistance.

10)WEN 56475, 3750 Running Watts4750 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

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The WEN 56475 is a solution to a heavy duty job site with 4 gallons running for 11 hours. To be precise it can run refrigerator, television or any other important electronic that you can think of. What make it more resourceful are the wheels that make it highly portable. It gets started without keys and at the press of a button that means you don’t have to exert yourself a lot unlike other models. It has a two set of 120 Volts of receptacles that all the more it useful. It comes with 2 year warranty and that definitely makes it quite a deal.

Maintenance and safety:
• Never run the generator in the garage, put itself away from your home to safely start it and operate it. You have to use an area with sufficient ventilation with it.
• Never fully fill the fuel tank. Because when the generator heats up, the heat expands the fuel. Allow room for the fuel expansion.
• You must ground the generator first before starting it.
• Never store the generator with the tank full of fuel. If you do it, the gasoline vapor might make open flames.
• Never overload the generator.
• You have to inspect the generator for once in a while.
A portable generator can make our life a lot easier as you can use it during any emergency situation, be it a severe blackout by natural calamity or a big outdoor bash or a camping trip. A good portable generator would keep your body warm, and keep your meat cold.

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