Best Luxurious Sofa Sets Reviews for Living room of Villa, Penthouse & Royal Homes

Many people wish to have a Luxurious Living Room, with not only architectural design as also best Furnitures inside. In this post we’d like to guide you how to choose the best sofa set with different styles for Living room of Villa, Penthouse & Royal Homes.

A luxury sofa set is no different and you must make no mistake while choosing one. That is correct, be it the best luxurious sofa for villas or royal homes, they must exude comfort. The same logic applies, if anyone is to spend half of their lives in the living room, then they must make sure that they sofa they select is a quality one. Luxurious or not, it must have value for money apart from being classy.
How to choose a good sofa?
Whether you choose it for luxury or regular use, a sofa must be cozy to snug in. There are some more pot boilers that you must take notice before investing in one. We have discussed them all, pay attention and read this section with care.
Size does matter – Chances are high that you have a huge, spacious and sprawling living room in your penthouse or villa. Still we would recommend buying a sofa that complements the room. Your sofa must also define the room well and in case you want to fit in additional chairs, couches, futon or a chaise, then you must have the space for it. All this should be adjusted into your living room without making it look cramped.

Shape of the luxury sofa – Okay, you can invest in L-shaped ones to demarcate the space, but if you don’t need that then go for the traditional ones. Nothing beats a conventional style and if it becomes easy for you, then you must go for it.

Comfort – Be it fabric, velvet or leather, your luxurious sofa must be comfortable to lounge in. This is the foremost duty of a sofa and there is nothing more that you could ask for. It should be relaxing and it must give you the feel of your home.

Practical – Even the best luxurious sofa for royal home must be easy to maintain. That said, remember leather is low maintenance and you can give it a thought before investing. Again, it must be worth its price as there are boundaries of setting a price for a luxurious sofa. It must be long lasting and that pretty sums up what we were trying to convey through this section.

Here is a list that you can take inspiration from when you talk about luxurious sofas. We list 10 best luxurious sofas, which make you easy to choose a good one. 
1. Olysseus Collection Brown Floral Sofa Set

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This is a classic piece of furniture that comes with a bit of detailing that is sure to mesmerize you. This traditional furniture is made from pure show wood and is very attractive owing to it elegantly design. Its fabric upholstery and reversible pillows; tend to hold your gaze with their brilliance.
• This is 100% made in the USA
• It comes with a loveseat measuring 65 inches in length, 41 inches in depth and 37 inches in height
• You may require some assembly
• The décor has a floral aura that is hard to resist
• Easily available with leading online retailers

2. Roundhill Furniture San Antonio Traditional 2-Tone Sofa & Loveseat, Chocolate/Brown

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When it comes to sofa sets and if you want to play it safe, then brown certainly becomes the savior for you. This is the case with this set and it looks more gorgeous because of this color. It looks warm, the detailing of the furniture appears to be more prominent and the floral fabric adds to its charm. The two toned color subdues the total package and you are left with a conventional furniture with a modern design.
• Heavily carved woodwork
• Made in the USA
• Completely assembled
• Accompanied by a loveseat measuring 71 inches in length, 38 inches in depth and 40 inches in height

3. Dreena Collection 3pc Set: Sofa, Loveseat & Chair

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If you are looking for something deftly more traditional, then this is it for you. It is stylish, yet the manufacturer has not forgotten about durability. The upholstery is made of bonded leather and chenille, making it super comfy. This undoubtedly, looks striking with all the cushions, the loveseat, decorative accents, engravings and heavy rolled arms. There is more to this like:
• Solid wood build
• Is easy to clean
• Decorative nail head makes the design smart
• Loveseat is of 70 inches in length, 37 inches in depth and 42 inches in height
• It comes with a chair with one pillow that measures 40 inches in length, 37 inches in depth and 42 inches in height

4. Formal Traditional Kings Brand Sofa Love seat & Chair 3 Pc Antique Living room

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True is the name, this is majestic furniture that does not require much of a discussion. This is formal luxury sofa that has been designed with care. The intricately designed back frame, the color combination, the pillows, the loveseat and the chair all make it a royal affair. You could do so much with it, provided you have a creative bent of mind while putting it up in your living room.
• This is a multi color sofa set, but very graceful
• Comes with pillows, chair and a loveseat to match your décor
• The loveseat is super cozy, as it is 65 inches in length, 37 inches in depth and 45 inches in height
• The chair is 34 inches in length, 37 inches in depth and 45 inches in height

5. AC Pacific Crystal Collection Upholstered Charcoal Mid-Century 3-Piece Living Room

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Set with Tufted Sofa, Loveseat, and Arm Chair and 4 Accent Pillows, Charcoal
You may agree that nothing looks pleasing to the eye than a black sofa. This charcoal beauty is sure to melt a lot of hearts with its poise and finesse. It is a timeless piece that makes your home chic and well-designed at the same time. This mid century can fit seamlessly into any décor. The upholstery has been designed from high quality polyester blend is a sturdy sofa set that you can decorate your home with.
• It has a clean design and that makes it a wonderful investment
• It is low on maintenance
• It can spot cleaned and you must make it a practice to help it retain its exquisiteness

6. Acme 05495 Dreena Bonded Leather Sofa with Five Pillows

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This is another stunning luxurious sofa set, yet again manufactured in China. The detailing that goes into it makes it a looker and its construction adds to its strength. It weighs 143 pounds and is no way a flimsy product that you can easily write off. The polyester and chenille blend of the foam makes it cozy and the color suits up any kind of décor you are planning to put it up on.
• Exudes class because of the two tone color
• Comes with 5 pillows for your comfort
• It has Velcro straps for easy replacement and washing
• Overall, is very durable

7. Nora Brown Leather Reclining 3 pc Living Room Sofa set

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If you like to lounge in the comfort of your own house, then you would be more than happy to get a recliner. In this case, you get 5 recliners in one place and that makes the deal better. This is a classic furniture set that looks like a sofa and is a recliner in itself. This could be a very good companion during the soccer and playoffs season when you invite your buddies over to your place.
• This is a brown colored sofa set that can fit into flawlessly
• The leather ensures quick cleaning
• You must wipe off the spills immediately
• This will last you long because it is made from quality materials, but you need to maintain it a bit too


8. Ma Xiaoying Genuine Leather, Traditional Collection Living Room Furniture Set (Sofa, Loveseat and Chair ),Khaki by Ma Xiaoying

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This luxurious sofa set has an oriental touch and has been designed in full compliance with the environmental standards. It uses cattle hide, 30 kg/cubic meter of high quality foam in the sofa cushion and permeates good air for breathability. Furthermore, the parts that touch human body are carefully made from natural elements like yellow leather and wood (oak in this case).
• The frames are solid
• It has been hand engraved
• It has a high tensile strength and extremely good elasticity
• Environment friendly and purifies the air around you
• Super snug and groovy
• Impressive after sales service

9. Ma Xiaoying Genuine Leather, Traditional Collection Living Room Furniture Set (Sofa, Loveseat and Chair and 2tables), Cream

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This is grand and you cannot deny that with all that goes into manufacturing is nothing less. It is pure hard work and aesthetics that combine together to create havoc of a furniture. Although made in China, this lacks no quality and the cattle hide, high grade foam and engravings all convey this very clearly. This is a healthy piece of furniture that infuses healthy breathing, which no doubt, reverberates its environment friendliness.
• Made from wood beech
• Each of its design is hand carved
• The best part is that it is accompanied with 1 loveseat, chair, 1 square table, 1 longer table and pillows of course
• Looks like a celebrated furniture for any house
Q1. Are luxurious sofa sets durable?
Ans. To be honest, durability depends on how you handle the sofa. Your maintenance also adds years to it.
Q2. Can we customize a luxurious sofa?
Ans. Yes, many manufacturers these days allow you to customize your sofa to match up with your décor.
Q3. How do we maintain such a sofa?
Ans. You do so in 3 simple steps:
• Clean your sofa, that is keep it dirt free by vacuuming it
• Wipe off spills immediately
• Keep a lint roller handy in case you have pets at home
Q4. Can we opt for finance?
Ans. Most manufacturers nowadays have financing options that make it easy for compensation. You can choose the term and repayment amount as per your convenience.
Q5. How to wash and dry the covers?
Ans. You will be given a set of instructions for maintenance and that will make it an effortless for you to understand it well.
Q6. Do these manufacturers accept online payments?
Ans. Mostly do now, but it would be wiser to find out about your chosen one.
Q7. Do they interior designers?
Ans. Again, most of the manufacturers do, but you need to raise a query and get all the answers sorted.
Q8. How do I contact them?
Ans. Usually, these manufactures have email support that you can get in touch with anytime you want. Response time depends on weekends and public holidays that they may not be working in general. Some even have toll free numbers that you can call on.

Buying premium quality sofas may not be that easy a task, but taking cue from this discussion and blending in your own ideas can help you select the best. Follow the commandments we have put up from our own experience and you will end up buying the best luxurious sofa for penthouse. Just keep your calm and try the colors that you think are in sync with the décor. Keep the aesthetics in place and you will see you have the most beautiful sofa in your living room. Take time to make the arrangements but do not give up early. Keep at it and the results will leave you mesmerized.

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