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Ever thought about a quality desk lamp? Chances are less that you have, as not many give it a serious thought. However, for you’re the sake of your eye health, you need a good desk lamp to work with. You could be a student, a techie, handcrafting personal or an office goer that brings home work that may be looking for a desk lamp. Have you heard of a led desk lamp for reading or supporting light for computer / laptop table? No kidding, these lamps are kind of pocket size powerhouse that offer you more than you can imagine. This is why we have dedicated 40+ hours researching the best of LED lamps for you in this post. Feel free to read.

What Is An Led Desk Lamp Used For?

If you want adjustable lamps, then you must consider a desk lamp. Again, if you want a desk lamp, go for LED lamps that are found everywhere these days. They are becoming a trend in homes as well as offices because:
• If you study at the table, you need one
• You may need one at your bedside as well (for reading purposes primarily)
• You can adjust them, like dim them as per your need while working or reading
• Not to mention, these come in a wide range of colors to suit your needs
• You may be an architect that need closer look at the blueprint
• A techie, working during wee hours on your computer A standard LED bulb can run for 50,000 hours, you can only guess how low maintenance they could be
• This implies that these lights are cost effective, heck yes, they are
• These bulbs are more efficient because they turn 95% of electricity into electricity
• Owing to their highly efficient nature, they are very commonly used in commercial buildings
• These lights are cool to touch, which means there will be no burning issues if you accidentally come into contact with them
• With these around, you no longer have to work in dim lights and strain your eyes
• Most ophthalmologists approve of these lamps

Why Should We Use Led Technology?

Seems like, the widespread use of LED lights has become a norm in the present day. These lights emit very little heat as compared to 80% of CFLs and 90% of incandescent bulbs. This, quite obviously makes them a popular choice. Likewise, there are quite a few reasons that go into its favor:
• They need less electricity to run because of their efficacy
• This means they save power
• As these bulbs emit light in a precise way, the need for diffusers and reflectors have gone down (lowering costs again)
• Which in turn suggests you save on utility bills
• LED bulbs can help reduce myopia too (consult your eye doctor for more)
• These bulbs are available in different shapes and sizes for your convenience
• Most importantly, they are environment friendly

Review Of The Top Led Desk Lamps

Below is a collection of what we think are the best of the lot:

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

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You may find it weird to get excited about a desk lamp. Nonetheless, the TaoTronics LED is a lovely, multifunctional LED work area light, be it for working in your office or as a recreation reading light in the room, this baby will exceptionally likely fulfill your needs. For starters, it’s brilliant, smooth, and strong.

The lamp features with the best dimension more than sufficiently brilliant for run of the mill. Some call it a ballerina, because it can bend, twist and turn, like one! It additionally has a standout amongst the most instinctive control boards and its thin, simple shape looks great on a work area or an end table. Plus, it can charge your smart gadgets right away. What are you thinking?

2. Consciot ATL002-US-V1 12W LED Desk Lamp

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You know how they say, less is more. It is just the case with IMIGY 9W 500 Lumens. This light can cater to your sewing, reading, working, and writing needs quite effortlessly. Yes, you can control the light, its temperature and brightness with ease. Okay, you can do all that with a click of a finger. You have the remote that does these magical things for you, while you remain engrossed in your activity.

You get 5 levels of brightness and lamp neck (often referred as a gooseneck) to adjust. The base can be clamped to a table, but is very steady. What say?

3. Austin & Mills AM-L103 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

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This Austin highlights an extraordinary moderate touch touchy plan. It is a quality light that will serve you for quite a long time on everyday use. It is the ideal mix of sturdiness and style. The light highlights an astounding 4 lighting modes to suit any event. Browse the accessible five splendor methods of 3000K to 6000K. The LED lights think about light sideways diminishing the glare impact. There is additionally a worked in USB port to enable you to charge when required.
With that strong aluminum body and touch sensitive intuitive circuit, this is surely more than an LED desk lamp. Glare free light and big savings this led desk lamp is here to stay!

4. TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

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A fabulous product from a reliable brand, this LED Lamp will make the perfect addition for your office table. Made using state of the art technology the aluminum allow exterior of the lamp instantly assures the user that it will last for a long time to come. The company also offers a valid warranty on the product and you can also ask for refunds or replacements on defective products.
The lamp has 16 different options for brightness and 3 dedicated modes for lighting. The good thing about this lamp is that the light does not flicker so it is ideal for reading. The quality and the design are both impressive. The lamp is worth the money.

5. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

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This lamp is specially designed to not flicker and the users can read under its light without facing any problem at all. The great thing about this lamp is that it perfect for domestic and office use. It comes with a USB port that can charge it which also makes this quite portable. Has touch controls so you can tweak the brightness as per your requirements.
Watch your electricity bill get slashed in half after using this fabulous lamp. The product features five different modes for color and the brightness level can be adjusted to at least 7 different levels.

6. Adjustable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

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Are you on the lookout for a nice lamp that helps to save on energy and dos a good job? Well, this lamp certainly does not disappoint in any single way. The design and the quality are both impressive. Its sleek design and tough construction will grab your attention right away.

The neck of the lamp is adjustable to angle of 360 degrees so you can have light in any angle you wish. The lamp is user friendly and comes with touch controls to make changes to the lighting. There is no doubt that this lamp is totally worth every peny you spend on it.

7. LEPOWER Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Touch Control LED Study Lamps

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This lamp is just what you need as it produces soft lighting which is free from any flickering, which means your eyes do not hurt at all. The lamp has multiple settings to adjust the intensity of the lighting as per your requirement. The controls are super-easy to use all you need to do is touch them to make changes.
Very environmentally friendly and helps you make substantial savings on electricity bills. The design and quality of the product make this lamp a clear winner. The company also offers a good warranty on the product and customers may seek replacements on defective products

8. LED Desk Eye-Caring Table Lamps

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This lamp is specially engineered to be gentle on the eyes as it has eliminated all flickering. So, it does not matter if you are using this for reading, studying or work this lamp does not disappoint at all. Unlike all others you can save a lot of money on your electricity bills.
The lamp has an adjustable neck that allows you to access bright lighting in any directions. The construction of the lamp is simply outstanding and there is no doubt that it will last for a very long time to come. This is definitely worth buying as it fulfills utility and great quality too.

9. MOICO Store LED Desk Lamp

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This is a good product that is very versatile and it gives you the required flexibility to add light to the desk area the way you want it. The great thing is that it does not have any annoying flickering so it is easy on the eyes. The lamp has a stand that is fully adjustable so you can move it in any direction you want.
The product has a switch that helps to dim the lights as and when required by you. The Led lamp can help you light your desk area or the entire room. Comes with a USB charging port and this is a very affordable option.

10. PureOptics LED Qi Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamp, Dimmable, White (VLED1700WH)

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This LED Lamp boats of major improvements over the other models that are available in the market. The neck is made of soft silicone and can be turned in any direction. This is the ideal lamp to have on your desk at work or at home. The best thing is that it does not flicker so it is good for the eyes. The led saves at least 85% of electricity which means you have lesser bills to pay.
The controls on this lamp are super easy to use and have a variety of settings to adjust the brightness. The construction of the lamp is sturdy and there is no doubt that it will last for a very long time to come.

11. Gerintech LED Desk Lamp Dimmable Table Lamp with Clock

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This is no ordinary lamp as it comes with a host of settings that allow the users to tweak the intensity of the lighting as per your requirement. There are quite a few settings so feel free to change the atmosphere of the room. The controls are very easy to use making this lamp a top choice for anyone.
The smart design and sturdy construction assures you that it is totally worth buying in the long run. The company also offers a good warranty on the product so as a customer you can ask for a refund on defective products. This is undoubtedly an affordable option in comparison to the others.

13. Donewin LED Desk Lamp with USB Port

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This Desk lamp should be on top of your list as it fulfills all your requirements. The quality is simply undisputed as the construction is so firm that assures you that the product will last for a longtime to come. The company also offers a warranty on the product.
The USB port on the lamp facilitates fast charging. You can expect to cut down on your electricity bills with this lamp. With multiple settings you can enjoy mood lighting of all types. The neck can be adjusted as per ones requirement, this is a huge plus point of the gadget.

14. Lampat LED Desk Lamp

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Are you on the lookout for a versatile desk lamp? Your search ends with this versatile lamp as it is the most popular product in the market. This has sold out all other competitors in the market by leaps and bounds.
The lamp has 4 individual modes of lighting and 5 different settings to control the brightness. It can be charged via the USB Port in the lamp. The good thing about the lamp is that the light is easy on the eyes. Has an automated shut-off mechanism that helps to save on the electricity. This lamp is worth every penny you spend on it.

15. BLACK+DECKER VLED1822BLK-BD Metal Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

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This lamp is suitable for all kind of activities such as reading, studying or working. In other words this lamp does not disappoint. The gadget has major improvements over the other lamps that have been released in the market. In terms of quality this lamp is second to none.
There are 3 different color temperature modes that control the lighting and 5 different settings for controlling the brightness. The neck can be adjusted to throw light in any angle. The lamp has a USB charging port, making it a must-buy product. The LED lamp sports a very hard body which indicates that it will last for a very long time.


To be precise, a led desk lamp is more than just an aesthetic piece for your desk. The functionality that it provides cannot even be compared to the looks. The point is, it may not look sleek and tender, but it is a useful gadget that you would require if you didn’t want to wake up the whole family. You work in your peace of mind with a teeny-meeny light lit up and your partner in the same room is not bothered while you read your favorite books. What more can you ask for? Think about it and do give these lights a go for they are more helpful than they may look like.

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