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The concrete mixer is used to mingle cement, sand or gravel and water to form concrete. Thus, concrete is formed through combination of the constituents of a concrete mixer. Normally, a revolving drum is used in such blending. When this mixing is done commercially, big sized mass concrete mixers are needed. When the mixing will be done for construction of roads and bridges, electric or engine powered mixtures are required. Engine powered mixers are used in remote areas due to unavailability of power.
Here I am listing down top Best Concrete Mixers that we suggest for any construction company…
(1) 8 Cubic TALL Cement Mixer Portable Concrete Mixing Mortar Mixer

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This product is an ideal combination of modern mixing technology and the technology for environment protection. Besides, there is an assembly of information intelligent technology and city art. The whole enigma is embodied in various aspects like eco-friendliness, energy conservation and low carbon features. The exhaust made by the production whether be a gas, liquid or solid and the noise are in accordance with the national standard. This type of Green Commercial Concrete Mixing equipment not only tackles pollution problems but enhances the material utilization ratio too. There is all-win situation for environmental and economy benefit.
• The product is a tall 8 cft. Feet mixer
• The output range is 400 lbs.
• The plug has been made 3 prong grounded
• The power of the motor is ½ HP in single phase
• The mixer is featured with a twin spiral that can save 15% of the mixing time and 20% of the energy
• There is a dual management control system which is non-ceasing
• The monitoring o production can be made in all rounds and real time
• This is one of the best of the known product about concrete mixers

(2) NEW Portable 5 Ft Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Machine 1/2 HP Mixing Concrete

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The product is one of the best heavy duty cement mixers. It is found an ideal for concrete, stucco, and mortar. The machine is a perfect one for immunizing seeds and mixing feeds. It is built with steel. There is a positive, heavy duty driveline that is made to use with Belt Driver, bevel wheel and pinion. And there are large wheels for easy handling. This unit has a capability to mix up to 270 LBS of cement. It has an inbuilt power of ½ HORSEPOWER MOTOR. The machine is known for its notable efficiency.
• The product is featured with a voltage capacity between 110-120V
• The inbuilt power of the product is ½ HP Motor
• The drum capacity of the machine is 5 cubic feet
• The product are known for their high quality
• The steel drum along with two piece heavy gauge has imparted an optimum efficiency to this machine

(3) Kushlan Products 600DD Unassembled Direct Drive cement Mixer

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The Mixer is a rugged one. It is filled with features that make this rugged mixer an ideal for the self-made professionals. This wheelbarrow mixer is available with support by a heavy gauge steel frame and polyurethane flat free tires. The inbuilt power is ¾ HP. The electrically direct driven motor is able to provide 28 rotations per minute. The 5/16 inch gauge polyethylene drum is resistant to dents, cracks and rust. But the cleaning process is easy. The retracting steel handles allow for easy breakdown in transport or storage. This product is instilled with a 6 cu. ft. capacity drum that can hold up to 300 lbs. of premixed concrete.
• The product is a ¾ HP capacitor
• The other features are high torque, brushless electric 120-Volt motor
• There are three steel blades that are equipped with mortar and concrete configuration
• The motor is capable to make 28 rotations per minute
• The heavy duty steel tubing frame with retractable handles make way for easy transport and storage

(4) 1/3 Hp Electric Cement Mixer 3.5 Cubic Ft; 10.7 Amps, 36 RPM by Generic Import

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This product is a portable, versatile and durable cement mixer. It is capable to handle stucco, mortar or concrete mixing at 36 rotations per minute. This is made of solid steel and is great for both construction and farm applications such as seed immunization or mixing feed. Power of the machine is 1/3 Horsepower. This machine is competent to carry out mixing in the farm, construction site or in the yard.
• This is a general duty cement mixture
• It can handle stucco, mortar or concrete mixing
• There is 9 inches large wheel for easy maneuvering
• This is featured with all-steel construction
• There is a 15 inches wide drum opening also
• The switch is equipped with a safety lock

(5) 5 Cubic Feet Wheel Barrow Portable Cement Concrete Mixer

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This portable product is easy to handle. Thus, you can mix all the concrete yourself and save on high delivery charges. The product is smaller in comparison to other products and thus is easy to manage with. The mixer is unique with its compact nature and thus it is easy to move to and within the job sight. This horizontal portable mixture is featured with a Wheelbarrow type multi-mixer. Thus, it is capable to mix all types of construction materials with confidence.
• The product is featured with 5 motors with capacity of 0.5 horsepower
• The batch output is fixed with 275 batch capacity
• The discharge outlet height is 24
• The whole unit can be disassembled in one minute
• The disassembled units thus can enable a fast transport


(7) Klutch 2 Cubic Ft. Portable Cement Mixer – 1/3 HP, Poly Drum

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This Portable Cement Mixer features an easy-to-clean polypropylene drum. It has a 2 cu. ft. drum capacity and 0.88 cu. ft. mixing capacity. The mixer is seen to roll on solid rubber tires for efficient portability and storage. The Pre-Mix Weight Capacity is 108 lbs. It revolves with a tremendous speed RPM of 1,720. The volume of Wet Material is 0.88 cu. ft. and voltage capacity is 120. This is an easy-to-clean polypropylene drum. The holding capacity is 108 lbs. It is featured with a Steel frame with powder-coat finish. The product is seen to be equipped with 10in. x 1 5/8in. solid rubber tires that guarantee efficient portability and storage.
• The basic feature is an easy-to-clean polypropylene drum
• The drum capacity is 2 cubic feet
• The premix content that can be hold weighs up to 108 lbs
• It is a 250 watt, 1/3 HP machine
• There is a 120V motor the revolves at 1720 RPM

(8) Grizzly 74050 Heavy-Duty Cement Mixer, 47-Gallon

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This product is a heavy-duty cement mixer that is featured with heavy steel construction. It has capacitor with 1 HP. The power generator is a 110V, 3450 RPM motor. The drum speed is 35 RPM. The associated large tilt wheel can be locked at various positions to make it enable for mixing and pouring. The wheels are included for on-site mobility. This mixer is used throughout the processing industries, in yard and in construction sites. The use is too varied in respect of industries. Some of them are food, adhesives, ceramic and metals, cosmetic and personal care, to name a few.
• The total drum capacity for the product is 6.36 cubic feet, or approximately 1/4 cubic yard
• The Maximum recommended capacity is 3.2 cubic feet, or 1/8 cubic yard
• The precise location of the drilled holes are able either to make or break the job

The mixers that are used in the sites of construction of roads and bridges are usually made of stainless steel. The minimum capacity of these mixers is 1 HP, though mixers with higher capacities are available too. Some of these mixers are also used in churning of chemicals as we have found from the discussion. The industrial mixers are run normally by electricity.

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