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If you are the owner of a car, the problem of finding a parking space at a reasonable price is an extremely headache problem today. With the land space frame shrinking, finding a parking space is already hard and finding a covered parking space is even harder. If you are often worried because: Your car’s wet when you park outdoor, your car will get dirty when left it outdoors, you are worried about the mirror breaking or the interior of your car being damaged under the pouring sun. fire of the summer, now a car cover will be an effective choice for you. We’d like to introduce to you a product that will be the perfect choice for your beloved car: 3-layer aluminum car cover for cars. Let’s find out why you should own this cover.


We recommend you with the best solution with 3-layer or 6-layer aluminum car covers for waterproof ability, insulation & heat resistance

SPECIAL FEATURES: High-grade 3-layer aluminum car cover

-Excellent heat resistance

When using aluminum car covers, it has the effect of effectively reducing the temperature inside the car by 20-30 degrees Celsius compared to the outdoor temperature, always keeping the car at the ideal temperature even if it is not. parked in the sun. With materials with excellent heat resistance, car covers prevent the 40 -50 degree heat from affecting your car. You wonder how much such a compact tarpaulin can resist the heat. But with modern car cover production technology will surprise you with the ability to reduce 20-30 degrees compared to outdoor temperature.

-Perfect waterproof and rainproof ability:

The tarpaulin is made of high quality aluminum-coated Peva fabric, with this material the tarpaulin is very heat-resistant, tough and strong to help prevent heat, waterproof and dust-proof, highly effective, suitable for the environment. climate in the United States

-Scratch resistant:

Scratches on car paint, a terrible obsession for the car and for you when you have to look at the shiny beauty of the car every day, it is damaged by a few scratches when leaving the car in the parking lot or on the street being damaged by other vehicles bump. With the Yama cover, that worry is gone. With this material, you can rest assured that the car cover will not adversely affect your car, keep the car cool, reduce unnecessary damage. The outside of the tarpaulin is covered with a silver layer, insulation, UV protection, reducing the temperature in the car when it is hot, ensuring the long durability of the equipment in the car.

Anti-theft mirror:

The aluminum car hood is designed with mirror ears and elastic at both ends and straps to help the tarpaulin always hug the body of the car neatly and comfortably without worrying about the canvas being jerked by high winds or being knocked over.

Vehicle size:
2M: 4000*1800*1500mm (I10 / Morning)
3M: 4400*1850*1550mm (Vios / Altis)
2XL: 4800*1850*1600mm (Innova / CRV)
3XL: 4850*1850*1550mm (Camry / Cerato)
YXXL: 4900*1900*1800mm (Prado)
YXXL+: 5100*2000*1850mm (BT50 / Ranger)

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Car covers the whole body of the car

The anti-heat tarpaulin covering the whole body is designed to cover the entire car. The cover extends to more than 2/3 of the wheel. This type of tarpaulin covers the entire car, so it provides sun protection, heat protection and absolute protection. Not only covering the roof, the glass, to prevent heat from the cabin, this type of tarpaulin also covers and prevents heat for the front of the car – where the engine system is under the bonnet, the rear – the trunk, the doors and the windows. wheel.

It can be seen that the ability to block the sun and prevent heat of the whole car body is more comprehensive and effective. In terms of the ability to resist heat and maintain a normal temperature for the cabin, the tarpaulin covering the whole body is also heat resistant and insulating better than the tarpaulin covering half of the body. In addition, the cabin and other important parts of the car are insulated, limiting the harmful effects of the sun.

In addition to sunshade – anti-heat, waterproof covering the whole body of the car also has the advantage of protecting the car from collisions and minor scratches. If you often park your car in public parking lots, there will be at least a couple of times when your car is hit by other cars, or impacted from the outside, causing your car to be scratched. When using tarpaulin covering the whole body of the car, you will limit this situation. In addition, the tarpaulin covering the whole body of the car also has an anti-dust effect for the car. Not only that, the tarpaulin also helps protect the car from damage from rain water when parking in the rain.

It can be seen that, compared to the half-body tarpaulin, the full-body tarpaulin provides more comprehensive protection. The tarpaulin can both block the sun and prevent heat, but it can also help prevent dust, limit scratches, prevent rain, etc. There are advantages, but the heat-resistant tarpaulin covering the whole body also has disadvantages. Due to the need to cover the entire car, the size of the cover is larger than that of the half-body tarpaulin. This leads to a longer time to open and cover the cover, similar to the time it takes to fold and fold the cover.

Each type of car cover has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a permanent covered parking space, and you only need to use a tarp when parking outside for a short time. For example, if you need to park your car to eat, go to work, go to coffee, etc., the heat-resistant canvas covering half of the body will be suitable. Because the tarpaulin can be covered quickly, folded quickly, it is both compact and convenient.

In case you often have to park your car for a long time in the sun, or the front of the car is outside at night, a full-body car tarpaulin will be a reasonable choice. Because this type of tarpaulin will help protect your car more comprehensively, not only against hot sun, but also against dust, scratches, rain…

Currently, both types of car tarpaulin covering the whole body and covering the body of the car are available in a variety of sizes, suitable for 4-seater and 7-seater cars. The price of these two types of canvas is not too different.

Choose the right size

Another equally important factor that many people who buy tarpaulins often forget is the size of the car cover. When buying a car cover, you should tell the buyer about your car type and model, best if possible, also provide the model name, car manufacturer. Because depending on the vehicle model, the type of vehicle that the waterproof car cover will have different sizes.


With a simple design, easy to use. It takes 3 minutes to cover the car. First you open the tarpaulin, then spread the canvas along the body, cover both sides of the car and hook one end of the elastic to the license plate to fix it, stretch it and then cover the other end, using the four available strings tied to windproof wheels.

Remove the canvas: Fold the two sides of the canvas onto the roof of the car, when folding the inside side will be outside at this time. Roll from the top of the car to the end of the car, remember to roll, not drag on the car, then fold it up and put it in your pocket.

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