Benefits of having Swimming Pool in the Yard or Garden

It is a common experience to find a swimming pool in the area of backyard or garden of a house. Though apparently it is taken as a mean to increase the aesthetics of a premise for living, there are certain acute benefits that are enjoyed by having such a facility in any home. Let us consider some of them as under:


1. Availing a ‘Stay-cation’: A staycation is a provincial possession that gives out the feeling of a vacation being at home. When people are less willing to spend their leisure in the vicinity of home, swimming pool can be an ideal option. It also saves money needed to move outwards.
2. Add cooling effect: The provision of a swimming pool in the vicinity of a house adds to the coolness of that house. The warm air generated during the day goes high up being lighted and its position is covered by the cool air that is formed in the cool zone around the pool and thus extreme warmth is never felt.
3. Reason to stay home: When it comes down to it, many parents worry about what will happen to their children the older they get and the more time they spend at their friend’s houses versus their own. This being said, swimming pools play as a wonderful incentive for children, and their friends, to stay home instead of going to other places.
4. Perfect for parties: An owner of a pool in a house enjoys lots of fun, particularly while having children and the children are inviting friends to enjoy the pool. For pools of larger sizes, there may be a facility of rowing, a enjoyable water game that fetches a lot of attraction and enjoyment.

5. Increase Fitness: Swimming is one of the best exercises to stay fit. Existence of a pool in the house yard or garden will accomplish for the fitness acumen within the children in the houses and all the adult partners in the houses. Miraculously, the children are more engaged in practicing different water game in the pool instead of wasting time in monotonous snack parties. Thus their body becomes extremely toned.
6. Relief from stress: Water in the pool is a splendid reliever of stress. Some criticizers comment of the utility of having a pool in the space of a household. They want to point this as a waste if space. It is worth mentioning that a splash in the water of a swimming pool can be used to taste its utilities. Practicing a water game in swimming pool is worth enough to make you free of stress.
7. Perfect sleep in summer: The warmth if summer and the inherent humidity make us tired and sleep at night is also disturbed. Enjoying a game in the swimming pool will induce the natural ingredients required to keep toned all the time. Our body gets cool, and we feel so tired. Sleep is an automatic consequence of such a practice and night sleep seems not disturbed.
8. Aquatic therapy: Many a disease can be cured with the effect of water. Swimming pool acts as a beautiful provider of the aquatic therapy. These pools have authentically proved to encounter diseases like fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, as well as various other diseases of similar type.
9. Adding value to homes: It has been estimated that a house with facility of concrete pools may have some add-on values that can be ranging between 5 – 15%. Thus, a housing property worth $10, 000 can easily be sold at around $25,000 and so on. But, this is not an ideal case.


However, while considering for the benefits of having a pool is just described, there should be some option for disadvantages. The disadvantages are not so grave, yet worth mentioning.

1. Cost of installation: Be it fiberglass, concrete or vinyl-lined pool, an initial lump sum investment is required. When a concrete pool is installed, functioning in the back-yard or garden where the pool is there is entirely restrained.
2. Cost of accessories: A pool place needs to be decorated with floaties, balls, toy for facilitating the games and there will be cost for the floating rafts, lounging chairs and other furniture. There has to be a pool fence, pool cover and pool alarm increasing the costs.
3. Maintenance: Pools are great for being fit and free from diseases, but when these are cleansed regularly and have a regular maintenance. pH balance of the pool needs to be monitored regularly for acid and alkaline levels. There is additional maintenance for concrete pools against the formation of algae and cloudy water. It is straining and best option is to hire a professional agency for all these works.
4. Take care the children: Children aged below 5 should not be allowed to be in water without accompanying an adult. But proper checking is not always possible. Thus, various safety features that include strong pool cover, a pool alarm and a child-proof gate surrounding the area of the pool is maintained. It should be kept locked all the time. All the hazards are to be insured against, if possible.

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