15+ Projector Screens for Home Theater & Entertainment

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Projector Screen is a supporting device for projectors & for professional studio room. The Screen depending on the type and function that have different structures and prices are also different.

Choosing the right projection screen and room space is an important factor. In this article, we will summarize for you how to choose a screen that suits the needs of use and maximize the investment cost of the projection room for you.

How about the size of projector screen ?
The choice of a screen depends on many factors such as: room area, interior layout, projector brightness intensity … The room area is a very important factor.  When you have known the length & the width, ceiling height of your room, then it’s easier to choose the suitable screen. For screens with different proportions, the size is also different.

Square screen 1: 1 ratio is often used in slideshows for data presentations, images
Video Format: Video format with width – height ratio is: 4: 3 is a technical standard in television
HDTV: 16: 9 wide screen ratio, is an optimal format for theaters, cinemas, suitable for widescreen viewing
Other sizes: depending on your room or location or contact us for the best installation advice
There are many types of screens: Wall-mounted screens, tripods, electric screens, frame screens, tab-tension screens, etc. Each screen has its own unique characteristics and functions to meet with different usage needs.

Types of Projector Screen

A/ Wall mount projection screen

The main operating manual pull-out screen is based on the pulley inside the curtain side. When you want to use the screen, just simply drag and drop the screen. It will be automatically rolled into the screen frame.

It’s suitable for office projection room, classroom, or fixed shop. These types of screens with the following main sizes: 100, 120, 135, 150, 200, 300 inches. If the space of your room is small, then installing a fixed screen is an optimal solution.

Reviews Corner

Elite Screens Manual Series, 84-INCH 16:9, Pull Down Manual Projector Screen with AUTO LOCK

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Some clients love to use hand to adjust the projector screen; it’s so quick to adjust the height, direction by hand. This projector screen is good for Home Theater with 4k ultra HD ready. You can enjoy the best images with view size: 41.0″ H x 73.0″ W, for this size the image is good enough to view the Videos or Images with high quality. Auto-Locking mechanism is wonderful that allow to change the range of height in convenient way. The warranty is alway ready even you contact via email, Web Chat with manufacturer.

VIVO 80 inch Projector Screen, Diagonal 16:9 Projection HD Manual Pull Down 

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It’s a good choice for Home Theater with this projector screen. This product based on manual mechanism that allow you to adjust the width, height of screen in quick & exact way. You can easy view the image from this screen clearly with crisp viewing angles up to 120 degrees. For this product you can easily mount it on wall or ceiling that make it convenient for projection activities. It’s a good product to order!

VonHaus 80 Inch Projector Screen – Manual Pull Down

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For this product, you can see the best image from projector with true color. Many clients’s selected it for Home Theater/Cinema/Movie/Live Sports/Gaming Experience or Office Presentation Screen. With 16:9 Aspect Ratio allows to display the image in wide range. You can mount it on wall to keep it stable when the projector can show the image with the best performance.

AmazonBasics 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen – 80 Inch, White

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You would satisfied with this projector screen for home entertainment with movies, video games or small seminar with work presentations… With 80 inch wide screen allows you to see the image with wide range. It’s so easy to stick it on wall with provided hardware. The black frame help to absorb excess light & left with high quality of image. You can scoll up & down with easy with Auto-locking mechanism. The screen is ready with 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D; and special feature for this product is that you can view  the image with 180 degree viewing angle. It’s perfect product!

B/ Projector Screen with stand

Mobile screens, also known as screens with 3 stands, true to the name of the mobile screen is made up of 2 main parts is the membrane and frame with 3 stands. Screen projection is suitable for customers who are frequently move projector from place to place, setting up screens is also very simple and fast.

With Lightweight screen, so it’s convenient for carrying or moving without any difficulties. These types of screens have the following main sizes: 80, 100, 120, 135, 150, 200, 300 inches.

If you frequently moving the projection position between spaces, such as garden, campus, cafe, restaurant, wedding party, then this type of projection screen will be an optimal solution.

Reviews corner

YODOLLA 1.2 Gain 100” Projector Screen with Stand

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This is portable projector screen; it’s perfect choice for office presentation. The wider viewing angle allows you to view the screen in every direction clearly. By pressing the button, you can adjust the height of screen in easy way. The projector is good for office, school, home, church, classroom, backyard, or any seminar of whole company. You can order it based on your choice.

PERLESMITH Projector Screen with Stand

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With 3 stands help to keep the screen in firm. You can see the image from this projector with clarity in every direction due to wide viewing angle of 160 degrees. It takes just few minutes to set up for this screen. With this screen, you can fold it for using indoor/outdoor. You can take it easy for height adjustment with back handle. This product is suitable for office, home, outdoor, conference rooms, schools etc.

Projector Screen with Stand, TaoTronics Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen 4K HD

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You can enjoy the image with 4k Full HD from this projector screen. You can view the images from any angles with 160° Viewing Angle. The stand is firm that allows to keep the screen in steady way; we also advice you to use screen in any rooms, floor without wind to make the screen swinging. You can use this for powerpoint presentations, group discussing… other purposes are for for home, schools, offices, weddings.

PERLESMITH 100 Inch Projector Screen with Stand Portable for Outdoor Indoor

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This projector is a type of projection screen tripod to keep the screen in firm stand. It’s a good choice for Movie, Home Theater, Gaming or even Office. Clients would be satisfied with any angles to view the images; the screen is up to 160 degree wide viewing angle. You can enjoy the image with high quality by crystal clear image. The product is also suitable for TV show, game Show or Sport Show. It’s a lightweight & portable product & deserved to order right now.

Projector Screen with Stand 84 inch – Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen for Movie or Office Presentation

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You would have wonderful time when experiencing with this Tripod Projector Screen. The design is symmetrical  with tripod, screen and the height. It’s a good choice for presentation show, suitable for group of investors with discussion. You have chances to enjoy the best image quality with 16:9 HD projection screen. It’s a lightweight screen & portable to carry from place to place. You can order it now to satisfy your need!

C/ Electric projector Screen with Remote control

This type of projector screen can be mounted on a wall, mounted to the ceiling, or mounted to plaster ceiling, the screen can be adjusted with raising and lowering using a remote control. The screen fabric is dropped or pulled up by electric motor instead of having to be pulled by hand. The screen has a relay that automatically disconnects when fully lowered or raised to full size.

Electric screens are considered an optimal solution for professional cinemas to enhance the projection experience and create a more modern feel.

Reviews corners from buyers 

                        Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector

Buy from Amazon

You can enjoy the best images with 4K Ultra HD from this projector screen. It’s suitable for Home Theater Studio & entertainment in general. With 16:9 Aspect Ratio that allows you to see the image in wide range. Black Case is good when you show the image on it, especially it’s hide with the light when you turn the light off. The product with Infrared (IR) Remote help you to adjust the screen in professional way. You would be satisfied with 3 years of warranty for this product.

D/ Fix frame Projector Screen 

Screen frame (Fix frame screen) is considered a screen solution that is chosen by many home and business theaters. The curtain is fixed into the frame to form a table screen, the frame screen is closed according to the size requested by the customer.

If you need to build a professional Full HD 3D movie theater, flat-screen projection is a good choice, providing a more modern and professional projection experience.

Reviews Corner

QualGear 92-Inch Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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Now you can enjoy the best showing performance with this Qualgear. The Aluminum frame makes it durable & firm position; it’s good to display the images with high quality. When the screen, it’s ready for washing with damped cloth. There’re so many sizes for this types of projector screen from 92 Inch to  150 Inch.

STR-16992 Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format

Buy from Amazon

It’s a good choice to use this fixed frame screen for entertainment activities. You can satisfy with the best HD quality in any angles. According to the manufacturer, you can see clearly with 160 degrees without resolution loss. This projector screen has been made with light-absorbing black velvet material then it gives you with the most beautiful images, enjoy the videos with true vision, and show the game with HD quality. Let’s order it as soon!

Delux Screens 120 inch 4K/8K Ultra HDR Projector Screen – Active 3D Ready – 6 Piece Fixed Frame

Buy from Amazon

This projector support with 4K/8K Ultra HDR. You can enjoy the best images with the clearest images in any angles. It’s a good choice for Home Theater to view Movies & MV… The frame is durable with black, and it’s lightweight aluminium to form the screen. In fact, even with amateur skill, you can install it in easy way. The advice for you is that you should clean it by soap & water with soft cloth. This product is also suitable for  school, office, bar & you would be satisfied with 3 year warranty.

Important notes when choosing to buy a projector screen
With the above sump up, you can easily grasp the types of screen, making it easy for us to choose the right type of projector screen that satisfy your need. However, the choice of screen must also pay attention to the quality of the projection image, not too large screen.

The selection of the projection screen is too big, making the projection space become unsatisfactory and redundant, and viewers will not be able to observe and see the entire frame, creating eye fatigue.

Selecting a large screen that is not suitable for the projector will reduce the quality of the projected image when the resolution and brightness cannot be fully zoomed out.

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